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The Maze Runner — Cool Premise, Writing Could be Better

After reading some great young adult distopian literature over the past few years, I looked forward to another series entitled The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. So, I uploaded it to the kindle and got to work. And work it was. It took almost a month for me to get through this novel.

The premise, a group of boys trapped in a created civilization spend their days running what appears to be an unsolvable maze and their nights making sure that the horrible creatures that roam at night stay in the maze where they belong. But, when a girl shows up, the Gladers soon realize that things are about to change, is an excellent idea. However, the execution left me wanting far more.

The author struggles with moving the story along. There is a lot of fluff involved, including some annoying made up slang. Also, the novel is extremely predictable. At each “hint” that furthers the story, I’d figure out where the author was going . . . and yet the author wouldn’t reveal his lacking plot points until far later and by that time I was rather bored with the story.

I have started the second novel,¬†The Scorcher Trials,¬†in hopes that the writing gets better. I will definitely keep you posted on that front. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this series, so maybe his writing just isn’t for me, but other people will just love it. (Kind of like my feelings towards Shades of Grey even though everyone else seems to enjoy it??) So, don’t let this review stop you from checking it out if the premise sounds good. I just wish that Dashner would have went in a little deeper, made me think a little more. The idea is there! It’s great! But the execution is what lacks.