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The Fault of Our Stars — Best Book I’ve Read So Far This Year

I adore when Jen Lancaster comes out with a new lists of books to check out. Some people get annoyed . . . that she is simply promoting people from her publishing company, or simply promoting her friend’s works. Whatever. I don’t think she has an ulterior motives and instead think that she actually does LOVE these books, so much so, that she wants everyone else to love them too.

On a recent blog post, Lancaster talked about John Green’s fourth novel The Fault of Our Stars. A few things caught my attention: A) It was a young adult novel (which I love reading) and B) She mentioned the characters were so well written that I just had to see for myself. And I’m so very glad I did.

The Fault of Our Stars allows Hazel, a sixteen year old terminal cancer patient, tell the best story about living while dying I’ve ever read. As most young adult novels about sixteen year olds are, this novel is about love. It’s about love and living in a world that can be so hard to understand. And Green really gets a lot of it right. He really allows the reader to understand the feelings that Hazel deals with as she struggles with death and life and ultimately love. His writing sums up everything that I have felt about death. It gives me comfort in a way that has never really been felt before and I urge you all to pick this book up. You’ll finish it in a day and hopefully you’ll love it as much as I have.


Stay — A Great Page Turner

Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I get a lot of my novel suggestions from friends and authors. Pretty much everything Jen Lancaster recommends I add to my list . . . she’s only let me down once. (Stupid Sarah Silverman)

The other day she posted on Facebook the names of two novels we, the readers, should check out. Stay by Allie Larkin was one of them and boy was it a great read!

Stay tells the story of Savannah (Van) a girl who is in love with her best friend’s husband. One drunken night after their wedding, Savannah finds herself ordering a 6,000 dollar “puppy” from a foreign country and thus begins the sweet tale of Savannah and Joe. Whether you’ve ever had a relationship with a dog or any other pet, you’ll find you can’t put this book down. It truly is a great read and I found myself not wanting to flip the last page and end the moment.

Stay touches on a lot of moments that really resonated with me: heartbreak, loss, grief, and of course love. While it could easily fall into the typical romantic love story, it doesn’t and instead makes it’s place in the genre.

I definitely suggest this read! Let me know how you enjoy it!

Twenty Times a Lady is Twenty Times Hilarious

I stumbled across Karyn Bosnak while trying to win a copy of her novel Twenty Times a Lady on Jen Lancaster’s blog. Naturally, I’m not much of a “winner” and ended up checking it out from the library instead. Bosnak’s witty humor and flowing narrative grabbed my attention from the start and I flew through this novel in two days flat. (That’s pretty remarkable with a 20 month old son)

Bosnak’s first novel follows twenty-nine year old Delilah Darling who sets out to find her nineteen sexual encounters after reading an article that stated the average “number” for a woman is 10.5. She hopes that one of these men deserve a second chance and can ultimately be her one true love. She enlists the help of her hottie neighbor who daylights as a private investigator and sets off across country to see which of her lovers will be her final lover. But, will she find her true love . . . or is she destined to be a seventy-three year old woman with sixty plus partners?

The movie “What’s Your Number” staring Anna Farris is based on this novel, and I found myself picturing Anna getting herself into some of the situations Delilah got herself in and it made the novel even more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to checking out the movie soon, but the novel is definitely worth picking up!

A Family Affair – Caprice Crane Wins Again

I fell in love with Caprice Crane after reading her debut novel Stupid and Contagious. I stumbled across this novel while shopping the Barnes and Noble shelves quite a few years ago and thought it was the coolest title ever. The novel itself was SO amazing and I’m so excited I found it. Plus, Caprice Crane is one of the coolest author’s ever. Back in the Myspace days . . . I friended her and sent her a message saying how much I enjoyed her first novel and she actually wrote me back! It was a super awesome moment. Anyway, so of course, when I stumbled across this novel at the library, I grabbed it up super quick.

This novel is about a couple, Layla and Brett, who have been together since the age of fifteen. Layla even moved in with them after her mother died and basically adopted Brett’s family as her own. She is adored by Brett’s parents and brother and even owns a business with Brett’s sister. But, when Brett isn’t sure if he thinks of her as a wife or as a sister and asks for a divorce . . . Layla demands to keep his family for herself.

Crane’s biting, sarcastic humor shows through with these characters and make a novel that should be heart breaking to read an enjoyable experience. The novel is told in the voice of each of the characters which proves that Crane knows how to tell each character’s story. It’s great how she goes from Layla’s heartbreak right into Brett’s confusion. I loved it and I definitely suggest picking it up. It’s a very quick read and once you get into the story, you’re not going to want to put it down.

The Dark and Hollow Places – Zombies, Barbed Wire, and Survival, Oh My!

Once the library sent the email stating that Carrie Ryan’s third companion novel The Dark and Hollow Places was currently available for me to check out, I raced to pick it up. Unfortunately, I was still finishing up a few other novels and wasn’t able to begin right away. But, now after just turning the last page . . . I’m ready to review the third and (I’m assuming) final novel in the Forest of Hands and Teeth series.

The Dark and Hollow Places finds us with a new character, Annah, who is actually the twin sister of Gabry from the second novel. Annah has been living alone in the Dark City for years now waiting for Elias to come back home to her. Just as she gives up and plans on leaving the city, she notices her sister and Catcher entering the city and sets off to find her. But, when the dogs sniff out Catcher and realize that he is infected, Gabry is taken to the Sanctuary and held as prisoner. It is up to Annah to work with Catcher to find and save her sister’s  . . . and ultimately her own life.

The third novel started out a bit slower for me. I’m not sure if my mind just wasn’t quite into it this go around, or what. But, the more the pages turned, the more engrossed I became with the story and found myself enjoying this one just as much as the other two. Annah’s character still isn’t quite as likable as Gabry’s and she has some serious insecurities that I tend to dislike when I read novels with a main heroine. But, ultimately Annah and the novel redeem themselves and it turns into a fabulous read! I absolutely suggest it to anyone that is interested in a greatly written novel that adds in some very creepy zombies!