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Celeste and Jesse Forever

If you’re planning a fun date night with your significant other or a girl’s night out, I strongly suggest checking out Celeste and Jesse Forever before it heads out of theaters.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is a wonderful movie about a couple that is perfect for each other — except for the fact that they’re getting divorced. No worries, I didn’t spoil anything for you as this is all set up in the opening credits.

Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are great as the title characters. This was one of the first movies that Samberg has been in as a lead role, and I think he really showed his acting ability and did a great job. It wasn’t all quirky stories and songs. He had depth and character and really knows how to pull at your emotions.

The movie is a little over an hour and a half, but I never felt myself getting bored or felt like the movie dragged at all. It was all in all a great film and I recommend it to anyone. It’s definitely not the “normal” romantic comedy.

It’s far too smart for that label or genre.