The Room – Interesting Read

While I was in Texas, I forgot my kindle charger and had already finished The Help and was dying to read another novel just a good. I remembered a recommendation for The Room: A Novel by Emma Donaghue made by one of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin. So, while I was at Target trying to pick up some movies for Liam for our sixteen hour car trip back home, I went ahead and picked up it up.

The Room is about a five year old boy, Jack,  that was born and raised in an 11×11 room. It is just his mother and him and throughout the day, she keeps him on a schedule of eating, playing, and even education . . . but at night she tucks him into a wardrobe while “Old Nick” comes to visit her. Jack’s mother has been an occupant of The Room for over seven years having been kidnapped by “Old Nick” when she was walking around her college one night. Jack is the product of “Old Nick’s” sexual abuse, and she refuses to let him lay his eyes on Jack. Once Jack turns five, his mother comes up with a plan to have them escape, but once they are out of The Room life gets more difficult for the both of them.

This novel is narrated by Jack which tends to make the underlying tones of kidnap and rape not the main focus of the novel. I feel like this helps the reader be able to get through the novel, while not dwelling on what could be a terror filled novel. I was slightly disappointed in the ending of this novel, but mainly that was because I thought it could go on a little more. I wanted to see a little bit more happiness in the outcome . . . but I guess I have to just assume that happiness will eventually come.

I suggest this read, especially if you are interested in recent stories of Jaycee Duggard or other kidnap stories. It’s an interesting read, and it shouldn’t take you long to breeze through it.


The Help – Nearly Perfect Movie Adaption

This particular blog has been in the making for a while now. I’ve been a little lazy and I’d like to apologize for that now. Honestly, I used to blog after my son went to bed. Lately, we’ve had company at the house and I’ve been in the throes of my first trimester, so anytime my son is sleeping . . . I’m trying to sleep as well. So, I’ve kind of gotten behind on my reviews.

The Help movie adaptation has been out since Wednesday, August 10th and I’m only just now getting around to reviewing it. But, I guess it’s better late than never . . . right?

The Help movie is a wonderful adaptation of the novel. If you’ve read it before seeing the movie, you won’t be disappointed. There are a couple of liberties that are made and the telling of Constantine’s story is different, but all of the parts that need to be in there are definitely in there. We saw this movie in a packed theater. Everyone seemed to throughly enjoy themselves, women and men alike. (In fact, Aaron and I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes last night and he still says The Help is his favorite movie this year.)

I strongly suggest you guys head out to the theater and take this movie in. Whether you’ve read the novel or not, you’ll want to after watching this spectacular movie. I look forward to seeing the oscar buzz that will be surrounding this movie this year. And I’d be quite surprised if Viola Davis (Aibileen) is not nominated for best actress this year.

The Help – Now in my Top Ten Favorite Books of all Time List

It’s taken me forever to finally sit down and read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. My sister-in-law first told me about it and when she explained it . . . I just didn’t seem interested in a story that was set in the sixties and dealt with civil rights issues. I kept seeing the novel show up everywhere and had even downloaded it onto my kindle . . . but there were a lot of other novels out that I wanted to read and re-read and I never got around to it. Finally, this summer while I was in Texas and right before the movie came out, I finally picked it up and couldn’t put it down.

The Help is told by three very different authors. Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, a white woman of privilege, who has come home to Jackson, Mississippi after graduating from Ole Miss; Aibileen, probably the most reliable narrator, an older woman who has been a maid for white women nearly her entire life but ultimately aspires to be more; and the sassy Minny who’s mouth and attitude tend to get her into a lot of trouble.

The three narrators come together to help tell the story of “The Help” to aspiring writer, Skeeter. It is through their story that the enraptured readers get a real taste of what it was like in Jackson, Mississippi (or the south in general) and end up falling in love with the characters.

For a first novel, Stockett has done very well for herself. She knows how to keep a story going and I found myself wanting to read just one more chapter until I devoured it in a two day sitting. She perfected her characters to the point that the reader cheers for them, is angry with some, and feels the heartbreak of others. I found myself laughing aloud at some points and crying at others.

The Help gets a strong recommendation from me! I hope that if you haven’t already fell in love with this book you will pick it up soon. I doubt you will be disappointed.

A Family Affair – Caprice Crane Wins Again

I fell in love with Caprice Crane after reading her debut novel Stupid and Contagious. I stumbled across this novel while shopping the Barnes and Noble shelves quite a few years ago and thought it was the coolest title ever. The novel itself was SO amazing and I’m so excited I found it. Plus, Caprice Crane is one of the coolest author’s ever. Back in the Myspace days . . . I friended her and sent her a message saying how much I enjoyed her first novel and she actually wrote me back! It was a super awesome moment. Anyway, so of course, when I stumbled across this novel at the library, I grabbed it up super quick.

This novel is about a couple, Layla and Brett, who have been together since the age of fifteen. Layla even moved in with them after her mother died and basically adopted Brett’s family as her own. She is adored by Brett’s parents and brother and even owns a business with Brett’s sister. But, when Brett isn’t sure if he thinks of her as a wife or as a sister and asks for a divorce . . . Layla demands to keep his family for herself.

Crane’s biting, sarcastic humor shows through with these characters and make a novel that should be heart breaking to read an enjoyable experience. The novel is told in the voice of each of the characters which proves that Crane knows how to tell each character’s story. It’s great how she goes from Layla’s heartbreak right into Brett’s confusion. I loved it and I definitely suggest picking it up. It’s a very quick read and once you get into the story, you’re not going to want to put it down.

The Late, Lamented Molly Marx

I like to find a lot of my novels by perusing Target or Barnes and Noble or Borders and taking pictures of the cover so that I have a running list of what I need to add to my kindle or Library list. A few months back, I stumbled across this cute cover at Target, took a picture, and downloaded the preview off Amazon. I thought the preview was adorable and couldn’t wait to find it at my local library given that I didn’t have the money to spend ten dollars on a book at the time.

Last Monday, while at the library looking for another novel, I found it and immediately added it to my collection. It took absolutely no time to read and it was an absolute delight.

This is not your normal chick lit about the after life. The Late, Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow tells the story of thirty-five year old Molly who after meeting an untimely death watches her philandering plastic surgeon husband, her three year old daughter, her slightly off kilter twin sister, her parents, her best friend Brie, and the detective assigned to her murder (or accident) investigation.

The novel jumps back and forth between her being dead and watching people grieve or try to find out exactly what happened to her, to her still being alive as her life slowly builds to the moment of her death. Koslow is an exceptional writer and I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled across her before now. She definitely gave Molly the voice that she deserved. I found myself yelling at the characters and almost weeping with Molly. The moments with Molly’s three year old were exceptionally difficult to get through, but beautiful all their own.

This is a novel I strongly suggest. Molly is a great character, never boring, and has a biting sense of humor. This novel will keep you guessing, laughing, crying, and simply enjoying yourself.

Pick it up ASAP! It IS worth the ten dollar fee on Amazon. Promise!

True Blood Season Four Episode Two – Holy Hot Eric

Might I say that being the King of Louisiana sure does look good on Bill Compton? We got a little bit more back story on Bill Compton . . . like that he was also hot as a punk rocker in the late eighties. And, that since the late eighties, he’s been working with Nan Flanagan to try and boost vampire/human moral. She is the first person to tell him about the possibility of synthetic blood. We also find out exactly how he becomes the new King of Louisiana . . . which I must admit was a piss poor way of getting the crown.

Jason was abducted by Felton and Crystal in the first episode of the season. In this one, we find him chained to a bed getting his wounds licked by one of those creepy inbred kids. Come to find out, Crystal wants to make a baby with him! It is her duty and all to continue to populate the species. Unfortunately for Stackhouse, he has to get turned into a panther first, just to make sure that their baby will be a panther. And who else to do the biting than Felton and Crystal themselves. Poor Poor Jason.

Sookie is trying to smooth things over with the residents of Bon Temps (especially Sam) after not giving a true account of her whereabouts for the last twelve and a half months. She’s also really pissed off that Eric was the one that bought her house and is now trying to place ownership on her. He even built himself an adorable antique-y looking cubby to sleep in.

Tara comes back for a bit to see Sookie and her cousin Lafayette. Unfortunately, she gets herself into some trouble when she goes with Lafayette and his boyfriend, Jesus, to their wiccan meet. It is there that the leader, Marnie, announces that she wants to raise something besides a bird from the dead. That something? Why a human of course!

On Bill’s orders, Eric finds himself in conflict with Marnie and when he tells her the group will no longer meet again, she goes all kinds of crazy and casts a spell on him.

And low and behold . . . who finds him walking down the road looking vulnerable and a little scared (But what about naked Alan Ball? You forgot naked!) is of course Sookie which shows the lovers of the books that there IS some hope that the storyline might follow the novel, if only loosely.

So, it looks like I’m hooked on some True Blood again. A told me that I could start watching them without him again. He got interested in the episodes last season with Russell Edgeington. But, I think we are going to see an interesting side to Marnie this season. And I’m sure that crazy fairy Mab has got to show her face at some point in time.

So stay tuned folks, and I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did.

True Blood Season Four – Bon Temps has Been Busy *Spoilers*

While I usually am not one to complain that the television or movie version of a novel is different, I was hoping and praying that season four of True Blood would stay true to the fourth book (because it was my favorite of The Southern Vampire Series). However, it’s not looking like that is going to be the case.

When we last saw Sookie, she had her heart broken by Bill Compton and disappeared to “Fairy Land” with her fairy godmother, Claudine. As the series opens, she is brought to a magical place where everyone is beautiful. Some are dressed in fairy clothes while others are dressed in regular clothes. I’m guessing this tells the viewer which ones are full blood fairies and which ones just have a little fairy blood in them. Apparently, the reason that Sookie has her telepathy power is because of her fairy blood, because guess who she sees while she’s there? Barry! Oh, and her grandfather whom she thought abandoned her and her family twenty years ago . . . while he thinks it’s only been a week or so.

Unfortunately, the Fairy world is not as it seems and once Sookie realizes not everything is as it seems all hell breaks loose! Claudine’s brother (Claude I’m assuming?) leads her to the portal to get her back to earth, but not before the evil fairy “queen” begins closing it. Sookie jumps with her grandfather and ends up in the graveyard by her house. Since her grandfather had been eating the light fruit while he was there, he is unable to stay on earth with Sookie and shrivels up and disappears. Once Sookie makes it to her house; however, she realizes that it has been twelve and a half months since she “disappeared” and that someone has bought said house.

In the last twelve months, the people of Bon Temps have been quite busy.

Tara disappeared and is now working as a female wrestler in New Orleans. She goes by the name Toni and sleeps with women now.

Arlene had her baby and is still worried that he is a killer like the father, Rene, was. Especially when she comes home to find decapitated barbies everywhere.

Lafayette is still dating his witch friend who is actively trying to get him to join his coven (?).

Sam is still the owner of Merlotte’s. Apparently his rage from last season hasn’t really turned off customers because it’s still quite busy in there.

Jessica and Hoyt live together, but their relationship doesn’t quite seem as rosy as it did when we last saw them.

Sheriff Andy Bellefleur is a V head now.

Jason Stackhouse is currently a deputy as well as still helping the inbred panther occupants of hotshot. Until he finds himself in a freezer . . .

And the vampires are spending their time working on Human Relations after the evil Russell Edgington found himself incased in silver and concrete.


All in all, I’m interested in the creative differences that the season has to bring. And of course I’m excited about watching something on Sunday nights all summer again. But, I was very excited about them introducing the witches last season because I thought they were going to follow the witches/Eric story this season, and that doesn’t quite look like that is going to be the case.

I guess we’ll see.