Day 4 – Out and About

Today was the first day I was more out and about. Besides taking some pain reliever right before going to bed tonight, I was good for the day. I went and picked up a few more sports bras because I needed to wash the surgical one as it got some blood on it. It was extremely weird picking out bras in the “medium” section. 

Even now, looking at them, they look like some old training bras or something. I’m excited about all the new bras. But, these sports bras make me feel like a guy. Plus, I just really need to get my stomach under control. I can’t wait to be approved for workouts. 

I’ve been eating smaller portions and things like that . . . but the exercise is really going to put it over the edge. 

I want to like them. I want to enjoy them. I know it’s going to take time. I just wish I could fast forward a little bit. 

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