Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Depressing

I picked up this novel after seeing a few previews for what looks to be a great movie. This is my third book to read this year and definitely the most depressing. I’m not sure if it was the layout on the Kindle or how the book was written, but there were a few times that I wasn’t sure on the timeline in the novel or who was narrating for at least a few paragraphs. Other than those minor flaws, it was a lovely story.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer is a story about a boy who while mourning the loss of his father in the September 11th attacks, searches New York City for what he thinks is his father’s last message to him. While the novel is pretty good, it is quite depressing and even at the end of the novel, I didn’t feel like there was anything hopeful to look forward to. Maybe it is just the pregnancy hormones, but I wanted more out of it. I wanted the boy’s something more to come out of the key/message aspect of the novel and yet once the mystery is solved, that’s it! I understand that the ultimate meaning behind the story is how the boy works through the grieving process, but maybe the nosy side of me needed more closure with the key.

Either way, don’t let me sway your decision. Pick if up if you’re into it . . . I definitely look forward to seeing the movie and I think in turn that will make the novel even better.

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