Twenty Times a Lady is Twenty Times Hilarious

I stumbled across Karyn Bosnak while trying to win a copy of her novel Twenty Times a Lady on Jen Lancaster’s blog. Naturally, I’m not much of a “winner” and ended up checking it out from the library instead. Bosnak’s witty humor and flowing narrative grabbed my attention from the start and I flew through this novel in two days flat. (That’s pretty remarkable with a 20 month old son)

Bosnak’s first novel follows twenty-nine year old Delilah Darling who sets out to find her nineteen sexual encounters after reading an article that stated the average “number” for a woman is 10.5. She hopes that one of these men deserve a second chance and can ultimately be her one true love. She enlists the help of her hottie neighbor who daylights as a private investigator and sets off across country to see which of her lovers will be her final lover. But, will she find her true love . . . or is she destined to be a seventy-three year old woman with sixty plus partners?

The movie “What’s Your Number” staring Anna Farris is based on this novel, and I found myself picturing Anna getting herself into some of the situations Delilah got herself in and it made the novel even more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to checking out the movie soon, but the novel is definitely worth picking up!

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