Rise of the Planet of the Apes – One Word: Awesome

I’ve seen commercials for this movie for a good while now. I’ve even seen an interview with Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) about his role in the movie and how he is not a very nice guy. (Come on, Tom . . . are you going to play the bad guy always?) But, it wasn’t until my best friend Jessica told me that her boyfriend and her were enthralled by the movie that I mentioned it to Aaron. He said he would like to see it as well and after a class he had to attend to on a Friday left him with the night open . . . we found ourselves getting popcorn and a drink and heading into the theater.

This movie plays kind of  like a prequel to the original movie. In fact, there is a news story that talks about the shuttle to Mars around the middle of the movie. It’s about a man, Will Rodman, (played by James Franco) who is trying to find a cure for alzheimer’s so he can help his father, Charles(John Lithgo). He thinks he has found the cure with Ape #9, until she goes crazy and ends up being killed by a security guard of Gen Sys Industries. It isn’t until the other apes are put down and they are cleaning Ape #9’s cage that they realize she wasn’t crazy because of the drug, but only trying to protect her child. Will ends up taking the baby ape home and realizes that the medication he has devised has been passed to Ape #9’s child.

The story follows the life of Caesar as he grows and loves both Will and Charles (who has now received the medication and appears to be better). Caesar is an exceptionally smart ape that knows sign language and is very protective of his family. Unfortunately, the drug that Will gave his father begins to deteriorate Charles’ brain after roughly five years and after an intense argument with Charles’ rude neighbor, Caesar runs out and tackles the neighbor trying to protect Charles. Animal control forces Will to place Caesar in a primate shelter until he can prove the ape is not harmful to society.

It is Caesar’s captivity that forces him to realize that he is not equal to his human counterparts. While Will spends his time trying to come up with a new cure, Caesar gets more and more angered and agitated by being in captivity. He begins finding ways to let himself out of his cages at night and ultimately forces the other apes to see that he is the Alpha. Once he realizes that there is a new drug available, he sneaks out and steals some from Will’s home. Once he administers the drug to the apes, they begin their plot to escape.

The movie flows nicely and has a great storyline. It is definitely one of the better movies we have seen this summer. It has everything you need in a movie: action, adventure, a slight love story, relationships, comedy, etc. Check it out! I don’t think you’ll be sorry!

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