The Room – Interesting Read

While I was in Texas, I forgot my kindle charger and had already finished The Help and was dying to read another novel just a good. I remembered a recommendation for The Room: A Novel by Emma Donaghue made by one of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin. So, while I was at Target trying to pick up some movies for Liam for our sixteen hour car trip back home, I went ahead and picked up it up.

The Room is about a five year old boy, Jack,  that was born and raised in an 11×11 room. It is just his mother and him and throughout the day, she keeps him on a schedule of eating, playing, and even education . . . but at night she tucks him into a wardrobe while “Old Nick” comes to visit her. Jack’s mother has been an occupant of The Room for over seven years having been kidnapped by “Old Nick” when she was walking around her college one night. Jack is the product of “Old Nick’s” sexual abuse, and she refuses to let him lay his eyes on Jack. Once Jack turns five, his mother comes up with a plan to have them escape, but once they are out of The Room life gets more difficult for the both of them.

This novel is narrated by Jack which tends to make the underlying tones of kidnap and rape not the main focus of the novel. I feel like this helps the reader be able to get through the novel, while not dwelling on what could be a terror filled novel. I was slightly disappointed in the ending of this novel, but mainly that was because I thought it could go on a little more. I wanted to see a little bit more happiness in the outcome . . . but I guess I have to just assume that happiness will eventually come.

I suggest this read, especially if you are interested in recent stories of Jaycee Duggard or other kidnap stories. It’s an interesting read, and it shouldn’t take you long to breeze through it.

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