A Family Affair – Caprice Crane Wins Again

I fell in love with Caprice Crane after reading her debut novel Stupid and Contagious. I stumbled across this novel while shopping the Barnes and Noble shelves quite a few years ago and thought it was the coolest title ever. The novel itself was SO amazing and I’m so excited I found it. Plus, Caprice Crane is one of the coolest author’s ever. Back in the Myspace days . . . I friended her and sent her a message saying how much I enjoyed her first novel and she actually wrote me back! It was a super awesome moment. Anyway, so of course, when I stumbled across this novel at the library, I grabbed it up super quick.

This novel is about a couple, Layla and Brett, who have been together since the age of fifteen. Layla even moved in with them after her mother died and basically adopted Brett’s family as her own. She is adored by Brett’s parents and brother and even owns a business with Brett’s sister. But, when Brett isn’t sure if he thinks of her as a wife or as a sister and asks for a divorce . . . Layla demands to keep his family for herself.

Crane’s biting, sarcastic humor shows through with these characters and make a novel that should be heart breaking to read an enjoyable experience. The novel is told in the voice of each of the characters which proves that Crane knows how to tell each character’s story. It’s great how she goes from Layla’s heartbreak right into Brett’s confusion. I loved it and I definitely suggest picking it up. It’s a very quick read and once you get into the story, you’re not going to want to put it down.

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