True Blood Season Four Episode Two – Holy Hot Eric

Might I say that being the King of Louisiana sure does look good on Bill Compton? We got a little bit more back story on Bill Compton . . . like that he was also hot as a punk rocker in the late eighties. And, that since the late eighties, he’s been working with Nan Flanagan to try and boost vampire/human moral. She is the first person to tell him about the possibility of synthetic blood. We also find out exactly how he becomes the new King of Louisiana . . . which I must admit was a piss poor way of getting the crown.

Jason was abducted by Felton and Crystal in the first episode of the season. In this one, we find him chained to a bed getting his wounds licked by one of those creepy inbred kids. Come to find out, Crystal wants to make a baby with him! It is her duty and all to continue to populate the species. Unfortunately for Stackhouse, he has to get turned into a panther first, just to make sure that their baby will be a panther. And who else to do the biting than Felton and Crystal themselves. Poor Poor Jason.

Sookie is trying to smooth things over with the residents of Bon Temps (especially Sam) after not giving a true account of her whereabouts for the last twelve and a half months. She’s also really pissed off that Eric was the one that bought her house and is now trying to place ownership on her. He even built himself an adorable antique-y looking cubby to sleep in.

Tara comes back for a bit to see Sookie and her cousin Lafayette. Unfortunately, she gets herself into some trouble when she goes with Lafayette and his boyfriend, Jesus, to their wiccan meet. It is there that the leader, Marnie, announces that she wants to raise something besides a bird from the dead. That something? Why a human of course!

On Bill’s orders, Eric finds himself in conflict with Marnie and when he tells her the group will no longer meet again, she goes all kinds of crazy and casts a spell on him.

And low and behold . . . who finds him walking down the road looking vulnerable and a little scared (But what about naked Alan Ball? You forgot naked!) is of course Sookie which shows the lovers of the books that there IS some hope that the storyline might follow the novel, if only loosely.

So, it looks like I’m hooked on some True Blood again. A told me that I could start watching them without him again. He got interested in the episodes last season with Russell Edgeington. But, I think we are going to see an interesting side to Marnie this season. And I’m sure that crazy fairy Mab has got to show her face at some point in time.

So stay tuned folks, and I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did.

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