True Blood Season Four – Bon Temps has Been Busy *Spoilers*

While I usually am not one to complain that the television or movie version of a novel is different, I was hoping and praying that season four of True Blood would stay true to the fourth book (because it was my favorite of The Southern Vampire Series). However, it’s not looking like that is going to be the case.

When we last saw Sookie, she had her heart broken by Bill Compton and disappeared to “Fairy Land” with her fairy godmother, Claudine. As the series opens, she is brought to a magical place where everyone is beautiful. Some are dressed in fairy clothes while others are dressed in regular clothes. I’m guessing this tells the viewer which ones are full blood fairies and which ones just have a little fairy blood in them. Apparently, the reason that Sookie has her telepathy power is because of her fairy blood, because guess who she sees while she’s there? Barry! Oh, and her grandfather whom she thought abandoned her and her family twenty years ago . . . while he thinks it’s only been a week or so.

Unfortunately, the Fairy world is not as it seems and once Sookie realizes not everything is as it seems all hell breaks loose! Claudine’s brother (Claude I’m assuming?) leads her to the portal to get her back to earth, but not before the evil fairy “queen” begins closing it. Sookie jumps with her grandfather and ends up in the graveyard by her house. Since her grandfather had been eating the light fruit while he was there, he is unable to stay on earth with Sookie and shrivels up and disappears. Once Sookie makes it to her house; however, she realizes that it has been twelve and a half months since she “disappeared” and that someone has bought said house.

In the last twelve months, the people of Bon Temps have been quite busy.

Tara disappeared and is now working as a female wrestler in New Orleans. She goes by the name Toni and sleeps with women now.

Arlene had her baby and is still worried that he is a killer like the father, Rene, was. Especially when she comes home to find decapitated barbies everywhere.

Lafayette is still dating his witch friend who is actively trying to get him to join his coven (?).

Sam is still the owner of Merlotte’s. Apparently his rage from last season hasn’t really turned off customers because it’s still quite busy in there.

Jessica and Hoyt live together, but their relationship doesn’t quite seem as rosy as it did when we last saw them.

Sheriff Andy Bellefleur is a V head now.

Jason Stackhouse is currently a deputy as well as still helping the inbred panther occupants of hotshot. Until he finds himself in a freezer . . .

And the vampires are spending their time working on Human Relations after the evil Russell Edgington found himself incased in silver and concrete.


All in all, I’m interested in the creative differences that the season has to bring. And of course I’m excited about watching something on Sunday nights all summer again. But, I was very excited about them introducing the witches last season because I thought they were going to follow the witches/Eric story this season, and that doesn’t quite look like that is going to be the case.

I guess we’ll see.

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