The Dark and Hollow Places – Zombies, Barbed Wire, and Survival, Oh My!

Once the library sent the email stating that Carrie Ryan’s third companion novel The Dark and Hollow Places was currently available for me to check out, I raced to pick it up. Unfortunately, I was still finishing up a few other novels and wasn’t able to begin right away. But, now after just turning the last page . . . I’m ready to review the third and (I’m assuming) final novel in the Forest of Hands and Teeth series.

The Dark and Hollow Places finds us with a new character, Annah, who is actually the twin sister of Gabry from the second novel. Annah has been living alone in the Dark City for years now waiting for Elias to come back home to her. Just as she gives up and plans on leaving the city, she notices her sister and Catcher entering the city and sets off to find her. But, when the dogs sniff out Catcher and realize that he is infected, Gabry is taken to the Sanctuary and held as prisoner. It is up to Annah to work with Catcher to find and save her sister’s  . . . and ultimately her own life.

The third novel started out a bit slower for me. I’m not sure if my mind just wasn’t quite into it this go around, or what. But, the more the pages turned, the more engrossed I became with the story and found myself enjoying this one just as much as the other two. Annah’s character still isn’t quite as likable as Gabry’s and she has some serious insecurities that I tend to dislike when I read novels with a main heroine. But, ultimately Annah and the novel redeem themselves and it turns into a fabulous read! I absolutely suggest it to anyone that is interested in a greatly written novel that adds in some very creepy zombies!

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