The Strain — These Vampires do NOT Sparkle

I loaded this novel, The Strain by Guillermo del Toro, after watching del Toro’s interview on G4’s Attack of the Show. After a wave of “supernatural romance” heightened most likely by the recent Twilight craze and True Blood series, I was looking for some vampires that didn’t want to bend the lead character over a couch, bed or kitchen table. I wanted some depth in my characters. And honestly, I was ready for a good scare. Boy did I get one!

Del Toro’s novel begins on the tarmac of New York’s airport. A plane has landed safely and lost all contact with air traffic controllers. The windows are closed and dark and the silent plane leaves the ground crew with an ominous feeling. Finally, they send an alert to the CDC where Dr. Eph Goodweather answers the call. But, what he finds on the plane is something no one was prepared for.

Honestly, if you haven’t picked up this novel . . .  close out on this tab and immediately hit up Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It is extremely well written. The vampires are scary enough to give a person nightmares. There is no teeny-bopper love story. It is everything that a true vampire lover could want in novel form. I strongly recommend it.

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