Incendiary — Grab Some Tissue

Incendiary by British author Chris Cleave was actually the second novel I read this year. The first was me finishing up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (again), so I guess we can say this one was the first full novel I read this year. I have never read anything by Chris Cleave, but had his novel Little Bee added to my kindle after noticing it on the Bestseller’s List for a good while. This one looked more interesting than his second novel, so I went ahead and gave it a try first. And I must say . . . it was beautiful.

It follows the story of a nameless adulterous woman writing letters to Osama Bin Laden after a bombing of a football stadium kills her husband and son. As the novel progresses, the woman’s grieving takes on new depth as she begins to see her son alive again.

It is heartbreaking and real. I breezed through it in a little over a day and found myself in tears more than a few times. It continuously made me think about what I would do in her situation. What I would do if my entire life literally blew up around me. And then, a few months later . . . a friend of mine sat down and watched the movie with Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor. I don’t know why it only got five out of ten stars on certain reviews because I thought it was great as well. It was even more heartbreaking (if that is even possible) and both Natalie and I found ourselves with red, swollen, tear streaked faces after watching. I suggest you read the novel and watch the movie . . .  or watch the movie and then read the novel. Either way, neither will disappoint.

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