Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein

I try to read a bunch of different novels. Otherwise, I would only be “The chick who reads Harry Potter” or “The chick who reads Chick Lit” or “The chick who reads crappy stuff all the time and then forces us to read her crappy reviews” (I honestly hope I’m not that last one . . .) Anyway, so after reading the completely horrific City of Bones, I decided to spend a little time with Dean Koontz. I like reading novels by the likes of him and James Patterson because they are such quick reads. The chapters are usually only a couple of pages and because they are so quick to get through, I end up saying I’m going to just finish this one . . .  and two hours later I’ve finished the book and lost a decent amount of sleep.

Anyway, in this novel Koontz reminds me why I get into “cop drama’s” (Like The Killing on AMC? ZOMG! Can’t wait for the season finale tonight!) There is never one set story to follow, but a whole bunch of characters that slowly intertwine into one pretty rocking page turner. The main gist of the novel is Victor Frankenstein, from Mary Shelley fame, is actually a real person. He made his monster and has kept himself alive for over 200 years. Frankenstein (known as Victor Helios in this novel) is currently living in New Orleans and making creatures to complete his “new race” which will eventually take over the “old race.” Unfortunately, one of his creations has gone against everything he has been programmed for and is killing people to find out why and how they are different from him.

The two detectives, Carson and Michael, are working on a case involving a killer nicknamed “The Surgeon” who is taking specific body parts. What they don’t realize is they might be in over their head with this case. There might be something a little more supernatural at work.

This novel has a lot of characters in it, but I never felt overwhelmed or forgot what each character’s role was in the novel. It had a few twists and turns that made the novel interesting. And it leaves a nice ending that gets you excited for the next novel, but doesn’t leave you completely hanging and anxious for more (like season 3 of Breaking Bad . . . WTF AMC!?).

I’m looking forward to my inter-library-loan’s to come in so I can continue the series! I’ll keep reviewing the rest . . .  but go ahead and pick up this page turner.


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