City of Bones — Yeah, No

About a year and a half ago, I worked for a great used book store in Spring, TX. It had a plethora of novels to choose from and a great staff that was extremely knowledgeable in almost any genre. (Once and Again Books if you’re ever in the area) Anyway, while filing books in the YA section each night, I always stumbled across this novel facing forward (when we didn’t have enough books to fill a shelf). It looked intriguing and if there is something I love more than YA novels, it’s YA novels that follow a series (ie: Harry Potter, Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars, etc)

But, I always ended up finding another novel I couldn’t live without and never picked this one up. Flash forward to the present . . . I was perusing Mark Reads and stumbled upon his suggestions page. On this page, I noticed that he refused to read the City of Bones series because of plagiarism claims. Hm, intriguing! So, I immediately requested it from the library to find out exactly what the plagiarism claims were.

The novel follows a fifteen (almost sixteen) year old Clary Fray. She is like any other normal angst-ridden teenager until she stumbles across a murder in a night club. Soon after, her mother turns up missing and she must team up with the apparent murderers from club to find out where her mother went and who she actually is. It is filled with demons and other supernatural creatures, magic, sorcery,  and of course a typical and completely unoriginal love story.

*Spoiler Alert*

Want to know where the plagiarism comes in? Of course you do! Because, honestly the book sucks, and I won’t even finish reading the series OR see the movies when they inevitably come out.

  • The big “bad” is named Valentine and is reminiscent of  Voldermort and Darth Vader. (What’s what bad guys starting with the letter V . . . I’d like a bad guy with a nice name like Richard. Or Frank, maybe.)
  • The big bad ends up being the lead character’s father. (That’s right, Star Wars) ((But there’s MORE!))
  • The lead love interest turns out to be the lead characters SIBLING! (Seriously?? Like, who hasn’t seen Star Wars and completely knows how the story line goes? Who did she think she was fooling? And for that matter … how did her publisher not go “Um, wait.”)
  • The story follows along the same lines as Harry Potter (Young character thinks they are normal, come to find out they aren’t normal, they are actually the awesome-est person in their supernatural world of choice)
So, yeah. I should have just listened to Mark and not read it. I suggest you listen to me and don’t read it.
    • Christina
    • June 18th, 2011

    To be honest, I also felt that way after the first book. But I read the entire series anyway, and all is not what it seems. Really. 🙂

    p.s. I just finished reading Kim Harris’ “Madison Avery” trilogy. If you like YA series, I suggest giving this one a try as well (if you haven’t already). ^_^

    • Well, that’s good to know. I might end up reading through them when I get a lull after all then. Also, no I haven’t read them . . . but will definitely add them to my list! Thanks!

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