Bossypants — Tina Fey Proves Hilarity Once Again

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a memoir by a comedy writer. I’ve talked on this blog about how much I adore Jen Lancaster and everything that she writes. Mainly just because she’s hilarious, but also because she doesn’t talk a lot about sex or penises (peni?) and vaginas. The first memoir I read by a comedian writer was Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman, and if you went back and read my review … you’ll know that I hated it.Wait, you know what … I take that back, I’ve totally read comedy writer’s before such as Chelsea Handler, and she’s hilarious. So, I guess the only comedian writer I haven’t liked in memoir form is Sarah Silverman … anyway, back to Tina Fey

Bossypants does not disappoint. Maybe it’s because Aaron thinks that I’m the epitome of Liz Lemon (which I honestly can’t tell if that is a criticism or not), but I really related to Fey in a lot of ways. She talks about her youth, body image, her writing career, SNL, Sarah Palin, 30 Rock, and her family. There were plenty of parts that I read aloud to Aaron and we both got a huge kick out of … and Fey just really knows how to write as if she is speaking. There was nothing pretentious about the book, it almost felt like a long monologue from Weekend Update. Except funny.

I strongly suggest checking it out. I must say … I might have a bit of a girl crush on her after reading. Enjoy!

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