Dead Reckoning — What the Eff, Charlaine!?!

I’ve followed the Sookie Stackhouse series, or Southern Vampire series, for roughly three years now. My mentor teacher and good friend, Vanessa, got me hooked on them back when I was still working on my degree. While the first novel was a little hard to get into, I quickly found myself reading through all of the novels in a matter of days. Even though the past few books haven’t been as good as the first few … I looked forward to picking this one up to see what good ‘ol Sookie had gotten herself into this time.

The novel opens with Sookie and her fae cousin and great uncle cleaning out her attic. Harris doesn’t usually spend too much time with frivolous activities when it comes to Sookie, so you assume this is going to reveal some secrets. And Harris doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Sookie ends up finding a note from her grandmother as well as  a love token from a Fairy that she later finds out holds a lot of power … and can even change her life if she is willing to let it. Sookie also doesn’t disappoint in the “getting herself into some mess” aspect that is typical in this series. In the first chapter or so, she’s nearly burned alive in Merlotte’s, Pam and Eric nearly take her out in a tussle they have in her kitchen, Good Ol’ Sandra Pelt is still trying to avenge her sister’s death, and of course in the last few pages of the novel there is the usual big fight scene that places Sookie right in the thick of things.

But, I can’t help but say that I rolled my eyes a lot. This mainly has nothing to do with Sookie as much as it has to do with the way Harrie writes. I’m sick and tired of the old timey sayings. I suppose she’s trying to make it authentic that Sookie is from the south, but I’m from the south … and I’ve never heard a person talk like Harris writes Sookie’s dialogue. Second, while Harris does answer a few questions … she leaves a lot of them unanswered. There is a major plot device that is added into this novel … and let we don’t even get to see it come to fruition. There were rumors buzzing that this was Harris’ last novel … but no effing way … Sookie leaves far too many questions unanswered.

Also, it seems like Bill is trying to make a comeback and I’m just not OK with that. So, yeah … of course I’m going to stick around. I’m eleven books into the series, I can’t stop now. But, I’m not sure how quick I will be to pick up the next book in the series. This one was a little too far gone for my taste. Oh, and Harris … get some new metaphors. Bleh!

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