Queen of Babble Gets Hitched — Lizzie Realizes What She Really Wants … FINALLY!

In the third and final novel in the Queen of Babble series, Lizzie finds herself in a little bit of a predicament. She has just woken up in her bed with her best friend’s ex, Chaz, and her ex boyfriend, Luke, is banging on her door. When she finally gets it together and makes it downstairs, Luke tells her how much he truly cares about her and pops the question she has been waiting to hear. And while she initially accepts the proposal, Lizzie can’t seem to shake her possible feelings for Chaz … who just so happens to be the best man.

This novel was an extremely quick read. Literally, two hours … maybe three at the most. I think I mainly wanted to make sure that I was going to like how this series ended that I couldn’t wait to get to the last page. Some issues that I had with this novel were, again, related to her supposed feminist side. If she is such a feminist, I’m not really sure why Cabot writes Lizzie’s internal dialogue to sound like she could never be happy unless she was married. Seriously, the girl breaks out into hives when she thinks about marrying Luke over Chaz … and yet she still plans on going through with the ceremony. I mean, WHAT!?

Also, what happened to the lovable Luke from the first novel? The last two novel’s find Luke to be completely self-centered and only caring about himself. It’s almost as if Cabot was tired of the character and decided against making him a redeeming character anymore. This is a character that was humorous, thoughtful, and kind … and he turned into a self-centered, cheating pig. Consistency, Cabot … please?

All in all … you’ve made it this far … you mine as well finish off the series. It does have some redeeming elements after all. And, luckily, Lizzie finally figures out what she wants.

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