Queen of Babble in the Big City – Lizzie Loses her Identity

While Lizzie was adorable as a clueless, used to be slightly chubby, vintage fashionista in Queen of Babble, she tends to be a bit less likable in the sequel by Meg Cabot. This novel picks up three months after what transpired in the first novel. Lizzie has recently moved to New York, and seriously needs to find a job and an apartment before the big city chews her up and spits her out. Luckily, Luke has moved to New York as well to pursue a his dream job of becoming a doctor and asks her to move in with him even though they’ve only been dating for a few months.

Lizzie quickly jumps at this offer and immediately begins planning their wedding, because why else would he want her to move in with her unless he could see spending the rest of his life with her? Right …

Lizzie eventually finds a non-paying job working for a french bridal gown restorer and ends up having to work for one of her best friend, Chaz’s, dad to make money to actually survive. While Lizzie spends most of her time working at the wedding shop renovating a high profile client’s wedding dress, she still tends to get herself into some trouble when Luke’s parents come to visit. The visit ends with Lizzie’s sewing machine getting accidentally broken and Luke telling her that he wants to invest in her future. She immediately thinks he will be proposing to her and is so shocked when her Christmas present isn’t exactly what she thought it would be that she ends up breaking up with Luke and spending New Years at a wedding with the recently broken up Chaz as her date.

It isn’t until she wakes up to banging on her apartment door that she realizes Chaz has spent the night (although they are fully clothed) and Luke is at the door with something very important to ask her.


This is the book in which I feel like Cabot wasn’t sure where to go with Lizzie’s character. I thought Lizzie really lost herself in this book and in the third nearly went off the deep end all together. As a self-proclaimed feminist, Lizzie sure as heck spends a lot of time wondering when Luke will ask her to be marry him, planning on what her wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses will look like, and ultimately nearly looses out on some of her dreams because of decisions that she almost makes. Cabot leaves this novel with a bit of a cliff hanger; therefore, you need to immediately have Queen of Babble Gets Hitched available. I’d say you need to pick it up if you want to follow through with the series and finish it out. Otherwise, don’t worry about it. Continue to keep the adorable Lizzie from the first novel in your mind instead.

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