The Dead Tossed Waves — Now with MORE ZOMBIES!

Carrie Ryan’s second novel in the Forest of Hands and Teeth series is called The Dead Tossed Waves. Instead of dragging on a clever idea into a series of books about one character, Ryan uses the “companion novel” approach and has an entirely new heroine in her second novel in the series. The Dead Tossed Waves follows a young Gabrielle, or Gabry, who lives in “The Vista” with her mother, Mary.  While her mother is in charge of the lighthouse, and spends the high tides cutting off the heads of “the mudo” (what the Vista occupants call the Zombies or “The Unconsecrated”), Gabry fills her days spending time with her best friend Cira and Cira’s brother (Gabry’s love interest), Chaser.

But, one night’s mistake ends up leaving half of Gabry’s friends dead, the other half imprisoned, and her beloved Chaser bitten and surely on his way to being one of “the mudo” that the town (and Gabry herself) so fear. After Chaser disappears, Gabry promises Cira that she will find him and be with him in his last days before he dies and returns as something no one would recognize. On her way to find Chaser, Gabry encounters another young man, Elias, who saves her from a group of Mudo and shows her where her friend is hiding.

But, a shocking announcement from her mother, Mary, turns Gabry’s world upside down and circumstances force Gabry, Chaser, Elias, and Cira into The Forest of Hands and Teeth on a journey to find Gabry’s mother and ultimately her identity.

This companion novel was just as intriguing as the first for me. I found myself enjoying Gabry’s character a little more than the bitter and usually selfish Mary in the first novel. I also was intrigued by the other characters stories, mainly Chaser and Elias. But, the story flowed nicely and definitely had the creep element as well. I can’t get over how much I’ve enjoyed reading more novels with zombies in them. If the first review of The Forest of Hands and Teeth hasn’t interested you enough, I hope this one will. Ryan’s novels need to be read. She is a great writer and I look forward to cracking open that third novel.

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