Decisions, Decisions …

Aaron and I usually try to eat “wings” every week with his friend Kevin from work. “Wings” for them consists of actual wings … for me, they could be any number of food items that tickle my fancy that day. I’m not really a wing kind of a girl.

But, this has absolutely nothing to do with the point of this blog …

During wings yesterday, Kevin mentioned that Union Pacific is hiring dispatchers again. The class will start in January. Like Aaron, I’ll have three months of training in the classroom, and then three months of training at the dispatching center. Unlike Aaron, I won’t have to go anywhere for three months because now that we live in Omaha … it’s just right there!

I’d be what the equivalent of 50k a year would be for the first three months, then that’d bump up to 64k a year for the next three months until I completely qualified as a dispatcher. After that … my pay raise would go up to around 72,000 a year for the next six months and then somewhere around 80k after that. Every year, I’d get a bonus (based on performance) and a slight pay increase.

We’d still live like we do now (very un-extravagantly) and basically be able to give Liam and any other children that we will have anything that could ask for. We wouldn’t have to worry about putting them in sports, or dance, or worry about paying for their college.

The downside is that I’d be working shift work like Aaron does now, we’d probably still be able to take vacations together … but we wouldn’t be able to take major holiday vacations off together. We might not be working the same shifts right at first anyway, which would mean that we might not get to see each other as much as we do now. We’d only have to work 8 hour shifts and only 4-5 days a week … so I should still get to spend a lot of time with Liam, just not as much as I spend with him now.

We’d need to get a nanny that would be on call 24 hrs a day, because we would both be on call 24 hours a day. Our days off wouldn’t really be days off because one of us might get called into work. But, when we take vacations, we’d be able to thoroughly enjoy them.

I have until October to decide and apply. After all this drama with my education degree (or lack thereof), it’s very tempting. Especially with the salary! But, I know that Liam will only be this young once and it’s nice to stay home with him.


    • Christy
    • September 1st, 2010


    If you HAVE to get a job, then this is an INCREDIBLE opportunity. Other jobs don’t pay like this. I know the weird shifts seem inconvenient, … and they are. But you’ll come to appreciate the time you DO have together.

    If it’s between paying to get your masters for two years and not making anywhere near this amount of money, or doing this, I’d do this!

    Nanny idea: if there is a university near your house, consider hiring a student. Let her live with you rent-free in exchange for live-in nanny services. And then find another mom in your neighborhood who watches kids during the day, while your nanny is in class. You could save so much money and always have someone available.

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