Is There an Underlying Reason?

Let me preface this blog by saying that I’m not usually one to be very political. I tend to be blissfully unaware until something strikes my attention. I don’t pay attention to the political news stations, except for the occasional John Stewart or Colbert Report. With that said … here’s my two cents …

I was in eleventh grade when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. I can remember going to the theatre department and seeing Leah Harrell sitting in the hallway listening to a small radio. She told me that some planes had crashed into the buildings. I, at 17, didn’t really understand the significance of the incident at first. I mean, planes crash … right?

I made it back to Mrs. Knight’s Spanish room and relayed the message that Leah told me. Mrs. Knight muttered that she hoped I was kidding and immediately turned on the television. From that moment on … the day was a rush. We had quite a few friends that had moved to New York to pursue acting careers. I remember Jenifer coming into my AP Chemistry class to tell us that they were OK.

Every classroom had the news on all day. We sat watching as the smoke billowed over the New York Skyline and the Twin Towers came tumbling down. We all hurt. Everyone of us. We were Americans. We were hurting for our fellow Americans.

For weeks the news stations had footage of the rescue efforts. I remember my grandmother crying in the living room when I would come home from school because of all of the lives lost. I remember myself crying when they would show families talking about how they lost a mother or a father. Wives talking about the last phone calls that they had with their husbands. People that had missed those fateful flights. People that had called in sick to work that day.

American flags went out everywhere after that. You couldn’t drive down a street in my hometown without seeing the Red, White, and Blue. There were flags being put on car windows, decals placed on bumpers, flag poles at half mast … we were all so very patriotic.

And now, almost nine years later … there is all this hubbub about a mosque being built near the 9/11 site. Is it three blocks from the site? Or five? I’m not sure on specifics. I do know that it’s been in the news a lot. I know that posts have frequented the facebook feeds for a while now. Some completely ridiculous ones that claim that the mosque will open on the ten year anniversary of the tragedy. Others asking the President how he could allow such a thing … but to me, these posts tend to show people’s ignorance.

For instance, the mosque will take three to five years to build … therefore it’s virtually impossible to have it finished by the ten year anniversary. Any basic amount of googling skills will tell you that much. Those that ask Obama what he’s going to do about it … or make claims that Obama supports it and this is why this is happening because ultimately this has been his agenda the entire time since he is secretly a Muslim and all … obviously do not understand how real estate works. Someone owns the land. Someone wants to buy the land. The first someone sells the land to the second someone. If anyone should be angry with anyone, shouldn’t it be the land owner or seller? What does the president have to do with real estate?

But, ultimately, have we thought about how the Muslims feel? These are regular old American people that practice Muslim religion. These people aren’t terrorists. These people have family members that died in the tragedy as well. Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters … these American Muslim’s lost just as much that day as the American Christians, or the American Jews, or the American place your religion here.

Every religion has their extremists. The people that crashed planes into our country were not run of the mill Muslims, they were radical Muslims. Just like I hold my head down in shame when I hear of that baptist church from wherever that protests at soldiers funerals, I’m sure that there are American Muslims that held their head down in shame when they realized that it was radical people from their religion that caused these issues.

America is based on freedom of religion. That means all religions, not just the one that you practice. After mentioning this to someone, they said that America was also based on Freedom of Speech. That’s true as well, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to post our feelings about these touchy topics. However, when your speech is filled with ignorant rants that have no merit … I have the freedom to call you a bigot.

So, let’s try not to live our lives being bigots. What’s the point? Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we remember how patriotic we all were after those planes crashed? We were all together … and now we’re back to being all for “me.”

Get over yourselves, people.

  1. Hey Rachel, loooooooong time no talk. From Xanga to here. Great blog you have! And such a beautiful family you’ve made. So, so happy for you chicky!! I’ve been out of blogging for so long, but starting back up so I’ll be back by yours. Come by mine sometime. Take care and so glad to see you’re doing so well!

    • Hey Michelle! I think that I tried to comment on your last blog and for some reason it wouldn’t let me. I’ll definitely stop by!

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