A Not So Romantic Romantic Dinner

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary.

and ever ...

In case you thought this was going to be filled with ooey-gooey romantic stuff … remember that we had a baby six months ago and moved out of state a week ago.

Our day was filled with shopping for sweaters and jackets for the impending winter.

Luckily, we have the most awesome baby in the world. One that goes to bed at 6:30 and doesn’t wake up until 7:30 the next morning. So, we were able to coerce a friend to watch Liam while we went to dinner.

I googled “romantic restaurants” before hand and found a steakhouse called Brother’s Sebastian that was supposed to be romantic. It looked great on the website … the waiters dress like monks, it looks like an old church, they have a dining area called the library … etc. So, Aaron called and made reservations and told them that it was our anniversary and booked a table in “the library.”

We get super dressed up, me in a lacy black dress, him in some black slacks and a dark dress shirt. We’re taken to our table … which is a booth in the corner of the library, right next to a table of about eight. Two adults, five children.

So, we’re trying to enjoy our glass of wine while listening to the following conversations.

This Ketchup is frozen. I’m about to throw up.

Once, this one time, Once, when I went to the dentist, I had a cavity. It hurt. The doctor had to shoot it up with some stuff. It hurt.

What? The dentist? Remember that fat guy from The Hangover that had to get his teeth pulled? There was blood EVERYWHERE.


What do you mean your mascara was stolen? You used someone Else’s mascara? No, you don’t use other peoples mascara … that’s how  you get sores.

What kind of sores, mom!?

Red, swollen sores on your eyes.

-Gag- I’m seriously not feeling good … I think I’m gonna throw up.

Our waitress wasn’t very good. She rushed us, didn’t have a clue about what kind of wines to recommend with our meal. All in all … it was a pretty lame night. I’m not sure what caused that restaurant to be on the top five romantic restaurants in Omaha list … unless it was because it was so dim in there. But, you’d think that if you made reservations for your anniversary … the hostess would be kind enough not to sit you next to the kid’s table.

    • AC
    • August 12th, 2010

    I’m sorry. 😦

    • amanda doiron
    • August 17th, 2010

    O my goodness! I hope you found a way to review it somewhere and get a little bit of steam off!

    • HMS
    • August 22nd, 2010

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    You may mirror your existing posts from here or elsewhere or produce original posts there, on anything you wish, as you desire. For your contributions and participation we will blogroll you with no reciprocation required. See our Guidelines for Authors for full details.

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