Our Trip to Omaha — Days 1-3

The boxes had been loaded into a moving van that spanned the area of our cul-de-sac. The walls were empty of any pictures that we had managed to put on the walls. The house echoed again. It is only our house for another 8 days. It doesn’t really feel too good knowing that someone else will fall in love with our house like we did.

Family Picture in front of our Old House

Our first night out of our house was spent in Dallas with Aaron’s uncle. We thoroughly enjoy spending time over there. There’s never any drama. We can hang out and do whatever we want. The beds are super comfortable. Seriously, we love spending time with them. So, that night and the next were more of a vacation and less of a “I’m moving north three states” kind of trip. I have some pictures to add of the beautiful sunset in Dallas and of some of our trip. But, the camera is in the car and it’s 5:44 in the morning … I won’t be getting them right now.

Dallas Skyline


Yesterday morning around 9 am, we loaded up and made the 5 hour trip (almost 6 with our stop) to Wichita. We’re staying in a hotel that will give us a hot breakfast in about another hour. I’m looking forward to bacon. It still hasn’t felt like we’ve moved away. I attribute that to my grandpa and Aaron’s parents being with us on this trip. I guess that it will end up setting in once they leave?

We went through Oklahoma

And stopped in Kansas

Today, we have another five hour trip to the hotel in Omaha. Tonight, we have our final walk through on our house. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 … we sign papers and close on our house.

We’re ready. I guess.

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