It’s the Final Countdown

(Did you know that our DJ told me that I was the coolest bride in the world because I had him play that song when we entered the reception hall? That’s right … Eff Kenny G)

Today is Monday.

Monday is today.

That means that in exactly a week from right now … we’ll be homeowners in a little place called Omaha, Nebraska. Every week day, I’ve been calling the banks, calling the relocation companies, calling for utilities, calling for cable (RIP ATT), and basically going out of my mind.

Aaron waits until 9pm to actually talk to me about the things that I need to get done the next day. So, I go through most of the day relishing in the fact that I won’t have much to do the following day except keep our child alive and then 9pm comes around and suddenly my list of “To-Do” grows ten-fold.

Today, I needed to find out from the underwriter how much we’re going to need to bring to close so that we can get a cashier’s check on Thursday before we head out of the great state of Texas. (She doesn’t know yet)
I needed to go to the Post Office and get them to hold our mail and then start sending our mail to our new address starting on Monday. (Apparently you can’t process a hold AND a change of address, what a waste of a trip)
I needed to set up trash for our new house. (The stupid lady that is still in our house apparently hasn’t canceled her service yet, what a waste of a call)
I needed to make a list of things to pack for Liam. (Done!)

So, needless to say I didn’t get much done today.

Tomorrow, we’re having to put every thing that we own to wear in a suitcase for our week and a half long period of time that we might not have our belongings because they are being moved. I say everything that we own to wear … because seriously … I think that I only have a weeks worth of clothes that I wear ever!

Wednesday, the packers are coming to pack up all of the stuff that isn’t in the suitcases that we’re taking with us on our own trip.

Thursday, the movers are coming to load up everything that the packers packed up. Plus, Liam has to get his six month shots. And I have to bring our amazing boxes from ATT back to the UPS store. Omaha doesn’t have AT&T Uverse. Doesn’t that suck?! And then once all of our stuff is packed onto a truck and our brand new house that is only 10 months old is empty … we’ll be on our way to Dallas and then Wichita and then Omaha.

Yikes. It’s really coming quick.

New house here we come ….

    • TM
    • July 26th, 2010

    You should be able to do holds and change of address online with USPS. At the very least, print off the paperwork and drop it in the mailbox (that’s what I did with this last move). Good luck!

    • When I went to the post office … they told me that they don’t do holds AND change of addresses. So, I guess I’m just going to have them start forwarding the mail on the Thursday that we leave and hope that the other lady doesn’t get any of our stuff until we move in.

  1. Good luck with the move! I would be a bundle of conflicted emotion… [nervous and excited]

    • Thanks! I’m definitely a bundle of emotions. But, right now with my grandpa here and Aaron’s parents … it’s not really like we moved anywhere. I think that will come once they leave and it sets in that it’s just us up here.

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