The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Review

**** out of ***** stars

I’ve been wanting to read Larsson’s novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for a while. There has been a lot of friend’s talking about these novels lately and when a friend of mine and I started an online book club on facebook: Trading Pages, we chose this book for our first.

Let me warn the readers now, it does take a while to get into this book. The novel is set in Sweden, and given that I don’t know anything about Sweden, the places, or the people … it was difficult for me to find myself falling into the pages with the characters. The names are difficult to pronounce, so that tended to pull me out of the drama every once in a while.

However, once the plot starts picking up … it begins to really take off. The novel is about a journalist who is hired by an extremely rich man from a powerful family to investigate a 40 year old disappearance. As the journalist gets further and further into the investigation, he acquires the help of Lisbeth Salander, otherwise known as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The plot is thick with twists and turns that keep you guessing. I found myself trying to solve the crime along with the characters which made for a fun read. I won’t say much more as to not give anything else away … but it’s definitely a book to pick up and read! I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it harder and harder to put down the farther I got wrapped up into the story.

I give it **** out of ***** stars.

    • Brandi
    • September 26th, 2010

    I just started reading this… D ended up reading it first and he gave it three and a half stars… we’ll see!

    Actually, I need to send you guys (the Allen Family) a paragraph or so from the last novel I read. It’s hilarious, and you will absolutely get a kick out of it.

    • It’s really great and the other two novels just get better and better! What novel did you just finish reading???

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