Attack of the T-Rex Arms!

Sweat is pouring off my body in droplets all over my toes and towel. My head is between my legs, my fingers trying desperately to get into the correct position underneath my heels. I’m pressing with my forehead against my knees to push them back into a locked position. Supposedly, my body is supposed to fold into itself and there is to be no space between my upper and lower half.

No, this isn’t some kinky sex position. I’m practicing Bikram yoga.

I’ve always been pretty limber. Even being a bit chunky, I pride myself in being able to do splits and other interesting positions to show off my flexibility. The only thing standing my way now … is my Tyrannosaurus Rex arms.

That’s right, I have Tyrannosaurus Rex syndrome. Not the small brain part … the short arms part. It seems like every single move in Bikram yoga is asking me to do something crazy with my arms. If only I could yell out “Go Go Gadget, ARMS!”

There’s this one move called the Eagle. You’re supposed to cross your arms in some kind of a crazy way and stick your fingertips underneath your chin and then squat down and wrap one of your legs around the other one. Like, all the way around. But, unfortunately, I also have short leg syndrome!

Then, there’s this pose where you lay on your back and you cross your legs over your shins and grab your elbows. My ELBOWS? I’m lucky if I can reach the middle of my forearm.

So, while I enjoy Bikram yoga … I’m not a fan of constantly struggling with my short tyrannosaurus rex arms! Does any one have any other work out suggestions?

No, really. I do.

  1. Lol… I giggled my way through this post!!
    I love yoga, still getting the hang of it, but it gives me more energy and pleasure than real exercise! Good luck with the T-Rex arms!!!

    • I agree about the more energy and pleasure! I love it too. I always feel really good after taking it. Except for yesterday. I lost one of the earrings that my husband gave me for our wedding 😦

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