More Laurie Notaro Reviews

Like a finely aged wine, Notaro seems to get better the more she writes. I’ve already reviewed The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death and it received rave reviews, remember? But, after reading her first novel, The Idiot Girl’s Action Adventure Club, second novel, Autobiography of a Fat Bride, and currently reading her third novel, We Thought You’d Be Prettier, I must say that Flaming Tantrum of Death is her best so far.

After reading Silverman’s The BedWetter, I came to the realization that I like reading memoirs that flow like a narrative. I’m not all that into simple essay writing. Notaro’s first novel, The Idiot Girl’s Action Adventure Club, was written more like essays than a narrative. It seemed like Notaro used to have a blog that she would write in and someone noticed that she had some humorous posts and asked her to pick some of her favorites and put them together in a book. In a sense, this is good for someone that only has time to read a couple of pages of a book at a time and doesn’t need to worry about forgetting things that happened in previous chapters. But, for me … I like a bit more structure. I gave Notaro’s first novel  *** out of ***** stars.

*** out of ***** stars

I picked up her next memoir, Autobiography of a Fat Bride, at the library and her writing style had changed. This time, it seemed like Notaro was going to tell the story in more of a narrative form. And she did. Until about half way through. Then, it seems like she ran out of things to mention about her married life in any particular order and even through in a random tale about her first sleep over during her birthday when she was younger. From then on out, the memoir was kind of lacking in bits and didn’t keep my interest near as much as the first half. I gave Notaro’s second novel *** out of ***** stars as well.

Also *** out of ***** stars

As for her third novel that I’m currently reading, We Thought You’d Be Prettier, her writing style has changed AGAIN! This time, she has a set “chapter” with a title, and then has sub-chapters inside the main chapter. It’s also being told in more of a narrative form and I tend to like the chapter within chapter style. So, we’ll see how the rest of the novel plays out. After I finish reading this one, I plan on starting on some of her fiction writing just to see what I think.

Don't Let me Down, Notaro!

It almost seems that she isn’t sure what she wants to be as an author and is trying to figure out a style that she likes.

I mean, I guess it works. Guess who’s the bestselling author and who’s not?

  1. ok, i think i just may have to find and read some of these! I love humor and real life, its the best! what would YOU suggest for my first read???

    • I think that the Action Adventure Club one was good … but, they were all pretty decent.

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