Funny Things that Aaron Says

You know when someone asks you what’s the first thing that attracts you to a person … and you say “their personality,” which is bull shit because you need to have a physical attraction to someone to actually decide whether or not you want to actually spend time with that person and find out if they even HAVE a good personality … well, after the physical attraction towards my husband Aaron … the next thing that attracts me to him really IS his personality.

Because it freaking rules.

Besides being amazing in the sweetness and holding a conversation factor … he is HI-LARIOUS!!!!

Let me give you a little taste before we move on to the newest “Aaron-ism” that he coined over the weekend.

The following takes place during a conversation after a particularly grueling day at work:

Me: And then Diamonique shows up to class today! She hasn’t freaking came all SEMESTER, or at least since I’ve been back from maternity leave, and now she comes. TODAY of ALL DAYS!??

Aaron: What’s her name again?

Me: Diamonique

Aaron: Diamonique!??! Why not Diamond? Or Jewel? Or Ruby? Jeez, you mine as well call her Cubic Zirconium.

Via email while trying to figure out what in the hell is going on in Lost:

Aaron: I’ve been sitting here all night pulling from my Star Wars and Comic Book knowledge … it’s going to take EVER NERD BONE IN MY BODY TO FIGURE THIS OUT.

And finally … while driving past a for sale sign on our way home the other day:

Me: Man, I really want to go in that house … look it has a sign above the For Sale sign that says “I’m Beautiful Inside”

Aaron: What!? I’m BEAUTIFUL inside? OK Fat House …

See? Hilarious. And these were all while he was sober. You should see him when he gets drunk. You know how some guys get mean or rude when they get drunk? Not Aaron!!! He gets talkative and even funnier!

Man, I love him 🙂

Plus ... he helped make THIS.

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