What’s All This About Vampires?

It seems like every couple of years or so, there’s another Vampire spike. Right now … it’s HUGE.

We’ve got True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse, Anita Blake, Vampire Diaries, and of course The Twilight Series. (Maybe even more … but these are the ones that I’ve been reading/watching) I’m not complaining at all. I mean, honestly, I think that vampires are the sexiest of all the mythical creatures.

I’m not exactly sure why. It’s not like I’d want to date/kiss/eventually have sex with any old dead being … but Vampires have always had that special allure to them. However, each author has their own special take on vampires. And werewolves. Apparently you can’t write a novel about vampires with out adding in some wolves somewhere. Most of the time … I’m batting for the Vamps … except in one instance.

True Blood – Charlaine Harris: Charlaine’s vampires are sexy SEXY! They are ruthless, cocky, hilarious, and dripping with sex appeal. Her wolves … or other “were-animals” not so much … except for sexy Alcide (werewolf) and Quinn (were-tiger). Harris’ vampires and weres are masculine even while being pretty doting on dear ‘ol Sookie.

Team Eric!

Sorry Bill, can't get over your true motives.

Anita Blake – I absolutely can’t STAND Hamilton’s Vampires. They are all extremely girly and annoying. Her lead Vampire “Jean Claude” which I think is a lame name as it is, is always wearing frilly shirts and has long hair. I’m not a  fan of my men having hair longer than mine. So, in the case of Hamilton’s supernatural creatures … I’m all for the wolves. The main wolf, Richard, is a middle school science teacher by day … moral werewolf by night. He has long hair too … (in fact, all the male characters do … what’s with THAT Hamilton?) … but he offsets it by wearing normal jeans and t-shirts and being all outdoorsy, whereas Jean Claude is all stupid and romantic, sending flowers and wanting to take baths and drink wine. Lame.

Um, no thanks.

Vampire Diaries – Smith’s vampires are pretty cool as well. They are tough and ruthless and can hang out in the sunlight with a special ring power. (Which I think is better than just being sparkly) They go after what they want … and there is even some pretty good death scenes and suspense in the series. But, her wolves are pretty sucky. Tyler being a werewolf is pretty lame. He’s a jerk, which makes his wolf a jerk as well. And I just won’t stand for a jerk in any of my relationships. I wasn’t much of a fan of the novel (I did only read the first two though.)


And, Yes!

And finally … the good ‘ol Twilight series – Meyer’s horribly elementary writing style aside, the vampires are great. I love them. I really do. I think it’s a neat idea that the Cullen’s are “vegetarian” vampires. I like that they are all very smart and use their powers for good. I like that they’ve gone to college over and over again in all the years that they have been vampires. Because, my number one turn on is some brains. (Well, that was very zombie-ish of me) Anyway, I don’t really care for all the sparkles though. Really Meyers? You couldn’t come up with any other “effect” that the vampires would have in the sun besides being glittery? I’d rather my men not shine more than my diamond rings. But, I am still a team Edward … just … Edward in the dark … or on a really cloudy day.

It's a good thing you're smart, Cullen.

So, what kind of vampires do you like? Or are you really freaking sick of the vampire craze?

    • Kathleen
    • June 30th, 2010

    Hey! So I love vampire books/movies, always have! I totally agree that there is something about them that is just fascinating. I think I’m a little lost when it comes to True Blood even though I’ve seen every episode, but what are Bill’s true motives?


      I don’t think they are going to go this route in the series. However, Sookie and Bill don’t make it, because Sookie finds out that the queen sent Bill to Bon Temps to date Sookie to find out about her powers. So, it was never really because he really liked her. Even though, he claims that he did actually fall for her. She doesn’t give in and they don’t date in the series any longer (or I guess not … I haven’t read the last book yet)

        • Kathleen
        • June 30th, 2010

        Ah I see now why that last vampire (in the show) was looking through Bill’s house and found those photos of Sookie as though she was being stalked…interesting. I’ll have to get the books cause we don’t have those yet!

  1. Hey!! When I saw this ‘headline’ I had to stop everything amd read…
    I love vamps. I am currently reading Anne Rice [the best vamp writer ever in my books] but I also love:
    -Vampire Academy: Only read one book in the series. But the writing is amazing, and the story line is brilliant [non-sparkles!]
    -House of Night Novels: I have not yet read this one, but It is in my shelf, waiting for me to finish Anne Rice.
    -Blue Bloods: Only heard of the books and that its a cross between Gossip Girl and Vampire Dairies Which got me instantly hooked and wanting to buy the books ASAP
    -Vampire Dairies: Not yet read the books, but loved the series, ADORES Damon, would run away with him NOW.
    -Twilight…. I could go on days about this one, but I mostly agree with you SM’s writing SUCKS, and vamps do not sparkle. But the first three books were great. The fourth? Well I don’t buy into the ‘baby-vamp’ thing….

    Sorry for the long comment! Vamps get me going… I think I should do a full on Vampire blog soon. =]

    • Absolutely! Why not, the vampire craze is strong!

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