I’m reading memoirs.

Only funny ones … not ones that make me want to sit in my pajamas with a pound of chocolate and  a box of tissues while I read about someone elses shitty life. No, just funny ones.

So, of course … I read Jen Lancaster. Because she’s amazing.

See? Awesome.

In fact, she’s SO amazing that right there in this picture she’s writing a note in the book telling me that she can’t wait to get together for drinks when I go to Chicago JUST SO I CAN WIN AN ARGUMENT WITH AARON! So yeah, all of her books. Read.

While we were in Nebraska, I finished Chelsea Handler’s new book Chelsea Chelsea, Bang Bang. I enjoyed that one along with all the others that she’s written … the best still being My Horizontal Life because well, that’s just ballsy and awesome.

While we were at the airport waiting to board our plane to Nebraska, I finished reading  ____ My Dad Says. I absolutely LOVED that book. I’ve read the twitter feeds and crack up every update. But, the book was awesome! His dad is freaking amazing and you can really tell that he loves his kids … even if he is a little crass sometimes.

So, back to Lancaster, or Jen as I like to call her so that it seems like we’re really friends, she put out this summer reading list that I immediately jotted down. On it was Sarah Silverman’s memoir BedWetter.


It took me a few days to get through it. I say get through it … because there was a lot of “lame … I’m putting this book down for now until I feel my maturity level dropping enough to pick it back up again.”

I’m really just not impressed for a number of reasons.

  1. Her writing style is very amateur-ish and skips around a lot.
  2. She also is trying to make humor out of the death of her brother after he slips between the railing and the mattress of his crib at his grandparents house. I found this not in the slightest bit funny. She mentions that when discussing “Jeffery” that it’s like he’s imagined … but real or imaginary … I’m not a big fan of dead baby jokes.
  3. I like memoirs that tell some kind of a narrative. Like Jen … her story has a beginning, middle, end. Silverman’s does not. She starts out talking about her childhood … then moves into stories about all the people she had sex with in the 90s …. and then back to some childhood stuff … then some stuff from 2007 … then back to when she was writing for SNL … etc . There’s no structure to the story.
  4. She doesn’t have any confidence in her writing. She says many times that the only reason that she is writing this book is because there comes a time in a comedian’s life where they have to write a book. Well, if you aren’t having a good time writing the book Silverman, we’re not having a good time reading it.
  5. I was reading the novel on my kindle and was NOT forewarned and flipped to the next “page” to see one of the writer’s for TSSP’s penis. With a hair clip on it. I mean, I’d like to say that the only penis I’ve ever seen is my husband’s … and while that’s not the case … I can say that any penis that I HAVE seen has been because I’ve wanted to see it. I did NOT want to see some random writer’s penis. No thank you, Sarah Silverman, No thank you.

I guess I should have known. I don’t really care for Silverman at all. I liked her song about “effing Matt Damon” and all … but other than that, I don’t think that she’s contributed much to society. She claims that she is the reason that Obama is the president now … and I think that he was able to do that all by himself. In fact, I think that if I would have known that Silverman was a huge supporter of his … it probably would have swayed my vote.

I just took Jen Lancaster’s word for it. She said it was good … I think that we’re the same person … Jen has never let me down before now. Oh well, I’m not holding it against Jen. No hard feelings, Jen!

I give this * out of ***** stars. (I really need to get some little star icons  to start putting here.)

Maybe I’m still pissed that Kimmel and her are no longer together and now they’ll be no more Effing Matt Damon videos, but so far I’m just not feeling it.

    • amanda doiron
    • June 28th, 2010

    I think she’s a waste of space. I’ve always hated her not-funny-at-all ways.
    She gets a -4 out of 10 in my book.

    • Yeah, that seems to be the consensus in this household as well.

  1. June 7th, 2011

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