My Shortness and Stunning Young Looks Win Again

Aaron and I are both cursed with the “young look” look.

See? Babies!

Sometimes, it’s annoying. Like the time that Aaron and I went into Al’s Formal Wear to get a tux for his friend’s wedding. It just happened to be the day before a lot of school’s prom. We come strolling in with Liam and go to pick up the tux. I kid you not, the person at the computer says, “Are you guys going to be enjoying Prom tomorrow?”

Ah, yes. Yes, we are! We’re going to drop the baby off with our 30 year old parents and head on off to a night of spiked punch and hotel rooms that got us into this mess in the first place.

But, there are the times … like tonight … that my young looking face gets me a good deal! Like, the Bikram Yoga place that I go to runs an introductory special for people. If you’re a student it’s 39, if you’re a teacher it’s 59, and if you’re a regular adult it’s 89. I was totally going to do the teacher one. I swear, that was my intention. But … then I got there … and as I was pulling out my credit card … I saw my Sam Houston ID. So, I pulled that out as well! And of course, she takes one look at my “young face” and gives me the month’s membership for 39 bucks!

Granted, I’m not sure what this is going to do to my Karma … but that 20 bucks I saved goes into the down payment savings account and I still get unlimited work outs for the month!

I’ll just make up that lie somewhere else.

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