WTF Trivial Pursuit Genius Edition from AGES ago??

Wow, Really?

Last night was my first night going “out” after having Liam. Unfortunately, Aaron had to work, so he was back in Spring completely enthralled in Ender’s Game while I readied myself for a night out on the town.

The game plan was Karaoke. But, it takes about 80 years of three girls to get ready to go out … by the time we were ready, the karaoke was shutting down. So we headed to Madison’s.

I’ve never been to Madison’s, but Jess’s friend from work’s band was playing (The Floppy Tacos?) so we figured we’d check it out. We get there and no one is in the bar, but we’re assuming they start playing around 11 or so and go ahead and grab a couple of tables and sit. Our waiter was, like, Mr. No.

“Do you have Moscato wine?”
“No, we don’t carry dessert wines.”

“Do you guys serve food here?”
“No, the kitchen closes at ten.”

“It’s 9:50 … can we order really fast?”
“No, they’ve closed everything down.”

“OK, how about a Riesling wine.”
(five minutes later)
“No, we’re out of Riesling.”

“Jeez! You say No to everything I ask!”
“Well, stop asking me questions I have to say No too.”
Tyler: “Have you ever owned a horse?”

“Is the band playing outside?”
“OOO! We’re getting some where. Can we just keep our tab open with you and move out there?”


So, we close out our tabs and move out to the patio, where people are smoking and acting like fools.

The band is a regular old cover band. Nothing special. We get another round of drinks and stand around for a while … until things start getting odd.

Apparently, “The Floppy Tacos” like to talk a little vulgar … like to do stuff that’s a little weird.

So, we’re in the throes of a conversation about V-Neck T-Shirt Wearing Dudes (Why the V-Neck, Dude?!?!) when we hear this:

“Who wants to pay me twenty dollars to suck their toes!??!?!?!” What?!?! We all stare at each other for a second and look at the crowd. There’s  a table full of “Models” as Tyler referred to them as … and then this one chick that was wearing what I hoped was a birthday sash, because otherwise that’d be the saddest bachelorette party on a Tuesday night EVER, and drinking her alcohol from a “Pimp Goblet.” She comes RUNNING UP with twenty bills in her fat little hand and throws it at the band. I swear we saw their eyes get big … BEGGING any of the hot chicks to offer up their hard-earned money for a toe-sucking.

Once we realized that the guy was sucking toes without even cleaning them off. It was time to head out.

There’s a place in the good Ol BMT called Easy’s. It’s a martini bar and must have been opened long after I left that town because I’ve never been. But, it was AWESOME! We didn’t get there until 12:30ish and that entire crew gave us nothing but YES!! They made us food! We played Uno and Trivial Pursuit and Taboo until 2am! It was so much fun!

But, that’s where we stumbled upon that little gem up there in the picture. It was an ancient version of Trivial Pursuit Genius Edition. All of the questions were dated … but the wording on that card REALLY dated the game. Nice, Trivial Pursuit. Way to be tactful.

Before closing … I’d just like to say I’ll be convincing Aaron to go to Easy’s July 15th (Our last time in town before we move to Nebraska, mind you) for a viewing of his favorite movie “The Big Lebowski.” You get free White Russian’s all night long if you wear a bathrobe! WHO’S IN!??!

  1. This post has too many pieces of gems. Let me take a breath first. Ok. Go!
    1. Glad it didn’t use other terms that are more offensive. 2. I don’t know the answer to any of the questions. 3. Come on. A band named Floppy Tacos? Doesn’t that just sound dirty to you? Ok. Maybe it’s just me. 4. That sounds like a good gig for someone with foot fetish. You know they are out there. 5. Oh my god. The dude?! 6. Free White Russians ALL NIGHT LONG?! I have to let my husband know. He won’t be able to go so he will just cry. (THAT’s my point anyway) 7. So you are going to have a bunch of men wearing bathrobes in honor of The Dude? Ok. You’ve got to go and blog about this!!!

    • Uh, yeah … Floppy Tacos … I think that’s the most disgusting name I’ve ever heard!! I’m really hoping to convince Aaron to go so that I CAN blog about it! They better have a stolen rug, too 🙂

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