In Which I’m Once Again Writing From Our Home Computer

Aaron and I have been home since Wednesday. But, that was spent snuggling and cuddling with our little Liam Bear.

I had to be thoroughly checked at the airport. As in, I had to walk through that thing that shows all of your lady bits … and then STILL had to get patted down. Mind you, I was in a dress … so I’m not really sure where they thought that I was going to be hiding anything. Whatever.

We also got a call from our Realtor about our addendum on the inspection. She said that the other Realtor called and told her that her client was “disappointed that we were asking her to fix anything on the house.” My Realtor basically told her to shut the hell up. Except nicely. And then went on to say things like: “My clients are not asking for too many things. They are being reasonable and only asking for major safety issues.” The seller’s Realtor agreed with ours and said that she would try to come to some kind of an agreement and get back to us.

Last night we got a call from our Realtor. The seller has agreed to fix ALL items on the list! I’m not sure what changed her mind … but whatever kind of water-boarding it took, I’m glad that it has all been settled.

Now, the next step is getting all the loan things together and coming up with our closing costs.
We also had a showing on our house this afternoon. So far, I haven’t seen any feedback … but I’m hoping that we get some soon. Aaron is hoping for them to make an offer … but I explained to them that they had tons of houses to look at. He keeps talking about “any reasonable offer …” etc. Which is fine by me … mainly we’re trying to get out of having to pay any kind of mortgage in August. If we don’t have more people coming to look at the house … I’m not seeing this as a possibility at this point in the game … but we’ll see!

Here’s hoping for more good luck!

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