In Which I Discuss Our House Hunting Trip to Omaha: Day Four

Today at noon we got our second counter offer from the single mother. She asked if we could close July 30th, she’d take 1,000 off the price, pay 3,000 in closing costs, and no home warranty.

At first, I was like “Oh, hell no!” So, we immediately started looking into putting in an offer on the other house. But, I sat there for a while and realized that I really liked the house that we had the first offer on a lot. So, we talked it over and ran some numbers just to see what our monthly notes would be and how things would pan out.

So, we put in another offer. We said that we wanted to close August 2, we’d pay the 1,000 off the original sale price, we wanted 4,000 in closing costs, and a home warranty.

Finally, it came down to the following: We close August 2 (this gives us one full month between the mortgage that we now have on our house in Houston before we have to start paying the mortgage on the new house), we’re paying only 1,000 off the original sale price, she’s paying 3,500 in closing costs, and the two realtor’s are splitting the cost of the warranty so that we can still get the warranty.

Apparently, Radon Gas is a big deal here in Omaha. It’s a cancer causing gas that comes in through houses. We need to get a Radon Gas inspection, which costs around 100 dollars. The woman said that six years ago she got a radon test and everything came back OK. But, if Radon comes back in the house it would be around 600 dollars to fix. The woman wants us to split the cost of that (because … she’s a single mother and just doesn’t have that kind of money)

Fine, whatever. But, the only thing about this is that now we’re worried that if something major comes back on the inspection, she’s going to give us hell getting it fixed. So, it’s still not a guarantee on this house. However, I really hope that it ends up working out because we’re really getting excited about it all.

While it has an updated kitchen and really nice floor plan. There is some work that needs to be done.

  1. The basement carpet is smelly and needs to be changed out. We’re looking into ripping up the carpet and either putting in a wood looking laminate flooring. OR, doing an acid stain on the concrete. The latter would be a much cheaper alternative and our realtor talked about how beautiful it turns out.
  2. The basement ceiling is one of those old tiled ceilings. It can be raised up roughly three inches and drywalled. We want to do this and then put in some can lighting.
  3. The basement walls are paneled. She painted over the paneling. There is also a small window that is unusable. We’d like to completely dry wall the walls and cover up that window to make it completely dark in there. Then, we’ll be putting in a projector, screen, and some built-in speakers and making it into a home theatre.
  4. In the master bedroom, the closet doors are glassed sliding doors. We’re planning on replacing those with two three paneled doors. We’ll either make them sliding doors, or hinge the doors and have them pull open.
  5. In the master bathroom, the shower has those old frosted sliding doors. One of the doors takes some serious tugging to get it to close all the way. We’re going to pull those sliding doors off and replace them with a regular glass door that opens.
  6. We’d also like to eventually replace the tile in that shower and make it look really nice. However, this is not something that is at the top of our list at all.
  7. We need to replace the light covers. It’s nothing to replace them with white covers, but I’d eventually like to put some bronzed plates on them.

It’s a few minor things, the majority of the house looks fine. It just needs a few things here and there. Once we get that basement taken care of (which is definitely number one on our list) the house will be nearly complete!

We’re also hoping to eventually do some white fencing (instead of the chain link) around the back (like a picket fence) and then get some great landscaping in there. The landscaping in Omaha is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Everyone’s houses look so pretty! I’m starting to feel better about moving here and moving into this house.

Please pray that the Inspection comes out good and that we don’t have even more problems with this woman.

    • Trish
    • June 15th, 2010

    If you decide to acid stain the cement I have a cute suggestion! You should get some cool paint and do Liam’s hand prints every few months in a corner 😉 Or even on the walls! I seriously love the home theater idea! Fingers crossed all goes well!!! And dude, I had such a blond moment, I thought Radon Gas was your agent’s name and I was like wow weird name and then I read the next sentence about cancer and I was like ohhh RADON GAS.

    • amanda doiron
    • June 15th, 2010

    I LOVE my laminate.
    It looks really good (or at least I think so) and it was much cheaper than real wood.

    BUT – it does NOT do well when it gets wet. A small spill that gets cleaned quickly is fine, but if it were to flood or you had some sort of a leak it would probably ruin the floor. So … I’m not sure if those are possibilities (I know nothing about basements, but for some reason – they’re always flooding on TV) but it’s something to think about.

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