In Which I Discuss Our House Hunting Trip to Omaha: Day Three

Day three in Omaha found us deciding on the second house and putting in an offer.

The reason we decided on the second house was because the first house had a contract put on the house yesterday. The realtor still said that they were interested in looking at other offers; however, we felt as if we wouldn’t have as much wiggle room with people who had other offers on the table.

The house that we decided on has been on the market for roughly 70+ days. So, we figured that she would be pretty willing to negotiate.

When we went through a second time, we found a good amount of things wrong with the basement area. Nothing horrible … but some smelly stained carpet, some holes in the dropped down tile-ish looking ceiling, the door to the laundry room won’t close all the way, and they didn’t do a great job with the painting on the paneling and didn’t add a baseboard all the way around.

So, we asked for an 875.00 flooring allowance and were planning on putting a laminate type wood flooring down there, that matched the rest of the house. We also asked for roughly 7,000 less than the asking price and for her to pay 4,200 in closing. We knew that this offer was really low, but we thought that would give us more wiggle room and once we settled on the price that we figured would probably be asked for … we’d be able to handle that no problem, then it would seem like she had won. Oh, and we also put a closing date of August 2nd. Our house will be bought from us by August 10th if no one else buys it … and we didn’t want to have to pay two mortgages.

A few hours later, we got a call back from our realtor and she had a verbal offer from the woman. I think that it’s a horrible counter-offer personally. She refused to give us a flooring allowance and said that the basement was fine and that she was a single mother and wouldn’t have time to fix it. Our realtor said that we weren’t asking her to fix it … we were asking for an allowance so that we could fix it. Then, she said that she would lower the price 1500 dollars and pay 4200 in closing costs IF we could close by THE END OF JUNE!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?! OR, she wouldn’t take ANYTHING off the price of the house and pay closing costs if we’d close in the middle of July.

Our realtor thinks that her realtor is freaking crazy if she thinks that she is going to get someone to close on the house before the end of June. That’s only two weeks away … and this is a busy time for closing, so she didn’t even think that was conceivable for someone who actually lived in the area. It’s definitely not possible for us, we’re still paying on our own mortgage until August! Plus, if we close in the middle of July, that means that we’re paying a mortgage in August from our old house and immediately paying a mortgage on the new house starting in September. Whereas, if we closed in August, we wouldn’t be paying a mortgage until October.

So, now we’re kind of wondering if this house is going to work out after all. I’m worried that if she’s this crappy with her offer and isn’t even giving us a carpet allowance … that she’s going to have issues with fixing things that come up in the inspection.

Either way, we sent her another offer and told her that she had until Noon to get back to us. If we don’t like that offer, then we’re going to move on to the other house (the house we originally called the first house) and see where we can go with that. So, our new offers were the following: 6,000 off the price of the house + 4,200 in closing costs if we have to close in the middle of July, OR 3,000 off the price of the house + 4,200 in closing costs if we close August 2nd.

I’m pretty upset that she isn’t even considering a carpet allowance at all. She has two small children (that just TODAY right before we showed up, spilt milk all over the basement carpet) AND a large dog. I think that it’s only customary that she either puts new carpet in … or gives us an allowance.

So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow … if we have to, we’ll just write-up a contract and offer on the other house. We like both … so either would be a good thing!

    • Trish
    • June 14th, 2010

    I had no idea being a single mother exempted you from paying for new carpet. 😉 What you guys are asking isn’t unreasonable. People usually have to fix things or upgrade or replace when you sell a house. Especially when it’s nasty. You’d think at the very least she’d offer to have it super professionally cleaned not use ‘I’m a single mom’ as an excuse. She sounds like a winner haha. Fingers crossed that whatever y’all want to happen, happens!

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