In Which I Discuss Our House Hunting Trip to Omaha: Day Two

It’s day two in Omaha … and I think that I”ll be able to sleep well tonight. All day today we found houses that we really liked. They were in the good school district that we want and they really just kept getting better and better!

We woke up this morning at 7, but didn’t fully get out of bed until around 7:30. We went and ate breakfast and then waiting for our realtor to come and pick us up. The first house that we went to started us off right.

 It was adorable on the outside with big windows. The inside looked great with this laminate flooring that looked like older scraped wood. I liked that it had wood flooring period, because after having wood floors in the house that we have now … we really don’t want to have to go back if we don’t have to.

Big Windows with wood like laminate flooring

 The kitchen was nice and open and it had a really flowing floor plan.  One of the big problems with this house was that the bedrooms were relatively small and it wasn’t in the Millard school district. Also, and this ended up being the deciding factor on why we aren’t putting it in the top two list, the taxes are really high. Even though this house is priced lower than some of the other ones that we saw, the taxes are through the roof and would end up making the monthly notes higher than the other houses that ARE in the Millard school district but are priced a bit higher. It had a wood burning stove that is supposed to save on heating.The second house we went to ended up being on a dirt road. Aaron really liked this house in the pictures, so we didn’t want to rule it out just because of the dirt road. Plus, it was in the good school district, and the school was right up the road. Except, it rained a good amount last night … and the dirt road was nearly washed out! So, it wasn’t really everything that it was cracked up to be. We did see some pretty rabbits running all over the place and it had more of a country feel to it. It definitely showed better in the pictures. So, after seeing what the real house had to offer and that the road was easily washed out … we quickly took it off our list.

It had a wood burning stove that is supposed to save on heating.

 The third house that we went too is third on our list of houses. It’s beautifully decorated and the layout is really open. It also has a cool sound studio with sound proof doors and walls in the basement. It’d be a perfect media room and study if we end up having to go with this house. I say “having to go with this house” because there are some issues. First, neither of the rooms have ceiling fans. I get that 6 months out of the year it’s pretty cold in Omaha … however, I really like having the fan going in the bedroom and cuddling under some really warm blankets. Aaron said that he could easily put ceiling fans up, so that wouldn’t be a problem. The next issue was the master bathroom. It has a sink in the bedroom with a shower and the toilet in the real bathroom area. I think it looks weird … and older … and it’s not like we could put a door on it, because a window is right there where the opposite side of sink is. With Aaron’s weird schedule … we just don’t really like this layout very much.

Wonky bathroom

But, like I said … it’s a third option. It was still in the good school district and still nicely decorated throughout the rest of the house. 

Part of the basement that we could use as a media room



Cute front porch with large trees for shade!

Then, we saw a few more houses, but after going through the pictures. I guess that I didn’t really notice anything all that memorable about them. Finally, we get to the second house that’s on our list.

 Then, when you walked in, there is a really pretty living room with a large fireplace. We’re not  sure where we would put our television … but the way that the cable was wired, it looks like we might be able to fit it over the fireplace.

I like the colors and the flooring

 The kitchen has been completed updated and it looks great! It has granite countertops. Not, full granite … pieced together granite … but it still looks really nice. 

Really nice cabinets and granite counter tops

It had a lot of storage. On either side of the fridge, it had these cool pull out cabinets that held food and other stuff like a pantry. But, it ALSO had a pantry! The garage was really large and deep. It had a lot of storage space in there too … which isn’t something that we need now, but we’d be able to use in the future. The basement was kind of sterile and not quite as inviting as it could have been. But, it did have a great built-in desk that I really like. We could finally get rid of our modern glass desk that we have that doesn’t really have any drawers for storage.

Loving the built in desk!

All of the cabinetry had granite counter tops, so it all flowed very nicely. The backyard was kind of small, but it had a little easement back behind it that is kind of nice. It’s definitely a close second. It was on a plaza, which was really nice and had a nice parking area so that people wouldn’t be parking right in the street if we had guests over.

But, our number one house is also in a really good neighborhood (actually one of the best) and is zoned to the best elementary school in Millard. Like, other people that live in Millard can transfer to this school because it’s so good, but they have to be on a waiting list. We’d immediately get to go to this school because we are in that area. It is VERY well taken care of. The people have two older children that have graduated from high school. I like that because it shows that they have enjoyed living in this house all the way through the kids schooling. It makes me think that the area is going to be really good and it’s well established. I feel like the pictures don’t really do it justice, but the back yard is absolutely gorgeous!
A beautiful, shady oasis!

The more that I look at these pictures, the more I really like our second choice. But, this backyard is a winner all itself. I could see us grilling out here … or me reading out in the back while Liam runs around and plays with Link and Nakomis. I like everything else about the house as well … I guess it just looks kind of cluttered in the pictures. I think a big draw is how awesome the school district is as well.

So, we’re planning on going back to look at both houses with a very critical eye tomorrow. We’re going to make sure that shopping is close by and that the neighborhoods are relatively easy to get in and out of. Then, we’re going to hopefully work up a contract on one of the houses. Our realtor is going to drop us off for a bit and I think that we’re going to go and check out some open houses for a while. Then, when she picks us back up later in the afternoon, we’re going to try looking at more houses in Papillion. That way, if something happens and one of these houses (or both 😦 ) fall through … we’ll still have looked for other houses that can maybe take their place.
After we finished looking at houses, we went out to Old Market for a while. It’s  kind of like a cross between the Galveston strand and 6th street in Austin. We went and ate a great, hip sushi restaurant and looked around at a couple of the shops. It was really nice! It seems like there is a decent amount of things to do here … and hopefully we’ll get a house that we really love and end up enjoying our time here.
Day two = Success. 


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