In Which I Discuss Our House Hunting Trip to Omaha: Day One

Here we are. In Omaha.

The airport here is pretty small, which makes me have less anxiety, so that’s good. Before we got here, we booked our flight and hotel stay on Travelocity. Unfortunately, we’re cheap skates. And our hotel shows that. When we got to the hotel (after getting lost in what could only be known as crack town), the front desk had to send a guy (that I’m not sure even works here) to check and make sure that our air conditioner works. Why? Because three had already gone out that day … and said guy that I’m still not sure even works here … apparently broke something off into something and is now not able to fix it.

It’s cool. We lasted the first half day in the room (We didn’t actually make it to the hotel until around seven … so I’m not counting that as a day) but tonight … no freaking way. I was sweaty sitting next to the air conditioner typing on the laptop. There was no way that I was going to try to sleep in that kind of atmosphere. Seriously. Our room felt … wet … when we’d walk into it. PLUS, we had to lay towels all over the bathroom floor because the floor was … greasy … if you will.

New room = way better. So, we’re good with our room now.

But, that’s about it. I know that we’ve only been out one day looking at houses … but we really haven’t found anything that even resembles cute. Or, if it does resemble cute … it has a bathroom in the master bedroom that only has beads used as a door. I guess Omaha people are cool with taking a crap while their significant other hangs out in the master bedroom??

No door on the "master bath"

 The second house we went to was alright … I guess. But, they had mirrors for closet doors, and seriously small bedrooms, and one bathroom on the main floor. It was the regular bathroom AND the master bathroom.

Look! This "master bath" doubles as a guest bath!

Then she drove us out to the Bennington area, which is really nice and has good school district. But, it also has all of those cookie cutter houses that look the same. I think that we’d just be even more boring if we lived in those houses. But, the house was decent … small … but decent. At least the kitchen was new and energy-efficient.

This house had two living rooms ... kind of.

Then we drove out to Papillion to see the ONE house that we saw in our price range in Papillion (which is an area that Aaron would really like to have lived in) only to get there and see that it was apparently sold as of this morning. And we also drove by a house that we weren’t able to go in because we were outside of our viewing window and there sounded like a huge dog that was willing to rip off our arms.

Finally, our last house of the day … was the Ghost house. Let me show you a few pictures of the Ghost house.

Cool kitchen right?

 It had a nice kitchen, and some updated bathrooms and it looked pretty swank for those reasons. But, that’s where the awesome ends. The outside of the house looked horrible. So horrible that even the realtor that is trying to sell this thing didn’t put it on the website. When you walked into the house there was a really small room that I guess was the living room … then straight in front of you was the kitchen and right off the kitchen was another super small room that had a bathroom in it. That’s right … it was the master bedroom. Probably 10×10. RIGHT OFF THE KITCHEN! I get that the house was built over 100 years ago … but … um … really? Upstairs … the house kind of leans a bit. I thought that it was because of the carpet at first … but no, not at all. Plus, the top floor was maybe the size of our master bedroom.

 We refer to it as the ghost house because the entrance to the basement was scary as all get out. It looked something like this:

Seriously waiting for a decaying hand to grab my ankles on these stairs

Seriously waiting for a decaying hand to grab my ankles on these stairsWhoa. Just WHOA. In fact, I couldn’t get myself out of there fast enough! I left my spiral with all of our real estate notes on the cabinet. Once we figured out that we had left it at the Ghost house, Aaron was all nervous. “Rachel! Some ghosts are going to rifle through our crap! Getting all our information!!”

So, that basically sums up today. We were pretty disheartened. Especially after hearing that OUR house in Omaha would have been around 225,000 dollars. So says the realtor. Awesome.

Now, we’re about ready to go to bed because we have another long day of house looking tomorrow starting at 9:15. But, we thought we’d check out some of the townhouses first. I went ahead and put two bedroom in just to see what the options were. So sorry that I did … because I found this gem that is WELL within our price range and a good amount of square footage … like as much square footage as the other houses that we looked at today that had THREE bedrooms … crappy bathrooms … and finished basements.

Is this not adorable?

Guest Bedroom/Liam's room

Master bedroom - otherwise known as The Dream

So, yeah. If we could find houses like this … we’d be loving Omaha now. But basically, this was the best part of our day. Finding this. Which is something that we want and can’t have. Suck.

Maybe day two will be better.
    • amanda doiron
    • June 13th, 2010

    why aren’t you looking into the town homes?

    • Well, it’s only a two bedroom and Aaron says that we need a three. Plus, our realtor said that Condo sales were really hard for re-sale purposes. Lame.

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