Review of the Remake of Nightmare on Elm Street

As a woman who has watched scary movies in the womb (Freddy movies included), I think that I should have permission to give my review of the movie.

We watched it a week after opening night, but I refused to check any reviews of the movie before hand so that nothing would cloud my judgement.

In one last preface: I absolutely LOVED Robert Englund as the original Freddy.

That being said: Here goes …

The opening scene made me extremely nervous about the outcome of the movie. It seemed to have jumped right in to the middle of the story for a moment. I’m assuming that this is because the director and writer only has a short amount of time to get everything that he wants in the movie accomplished.

We almost immediately get our first glimpse at a dream sequence during the first five minutes of the film. I thoroughly enjoyed the way they did the dream sequences and thought that it easily explained dream vs. reality.

Originally, it seemed like the blonde girl Kris, played by Katie Cassidy, would be the lead character. I freaked out for a moment because there was a girl named Nancy in the cafe’ as well and I was hoping that Nancy would be the lead. Sure enough, that’s what ends up happening … THANK THE LORD. Katie Cassidy did a horrible job at being anything but whiney. She couldn’t drag any emotion out of me what so ever and I actually felt relieved when she finally met her end.

Once Kris died, the movie really started to pick up. The deaths were quick and brutal and fun. Hailey made an INCREDIBLE Freddy! He was a lot darker than Englund’s Freddy, not as playful … more disturbing. I loved his laugh, it gave me chills every time.

They touched a lot more on the pedophile aspect of Freddy’s character. They gave more of a back story and it all made a lot of sense. I loved that the characters tried to lure you into one story plot and then at the end the plot twisted into another, deeper, and way more sinister plot.

Ultimately, I thoroughly enjoyed the remake. The only thing that I wanted to see was an updated version of Johnny Depp’s death in the original. I would have loved to have seen what they could have done with it now that they had way more special effects.

It’s a buy in my book … but maybe that’s just because I have all the other movies in a nice little box set.

I give it **** out of *****

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