Counting Down the Days ’til Summer

I woke up this morning with a huge grin on my face. Two more instructional days until finals and three more weeks until the end of the year.

I needed to get to work early this morning because I was going to get observed. I got half way there and realized that my keys were left in my jeans from last Friday. I shrugged it off and continued on my way knowing that one of the mentor’s would have a key.

I get to school, walk to my room and the aforementioned mentor is not there! Crap.

I walk back down to the front office and ask if someone can let me into my room. I’m told that it will take a while, which I think is just AWESOME since I got to school early specifically to work on things for my looming observation.

I’m sitting in the hallway waiting for someone to come and unlock my door and the lights go out. They are out for about thirty seconds before the back-up generators come on. Except that the back-up generators do not light up my room specifically and the internet is no longer working. So, even if I could get into my room, I wouldn’t be able to do anything internet wise (ie: getting things ready for my observation) nor could I SEE anything to get anything ready for the said observation.

We move into “babysitting mode” and spend the next hour and half watching the kids in the sweltering cafeteria. The students had a food fight last Friday during their A block lunch. Today, they had a breakfast food fight. Milk was thrown at me.

I moved back into my hall way because, um screw that, and waited with the rest of the teachers hoping that they would call the busses and we’d all get to go home. Finally, around 8:05, the lights come back on and the students are ushered back into their classrooms.

We still have no internet.

So, now I have an observation … no internet to load everything up … students that are all hyped up because they want to go home … PLUS I woke up extra early and got to school extra early to get ready for the observation.

Then, I look at my calendar thinking that I only had two more weeks of school and one week of finals … and NOOOO! I have THREE weeks of school and one week for finals.

All in all. A bad day.

Plus, my failure rate is at 54%. Awesome.

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